Narcos Mexico: Will Netflix Renew The Show? Here’s What We Know


4Narcos: Mexico year one was located on Netflix on 16 November 2018. The next season of this series premiered on Netflix on 13 February 2020. Season two of the series focused on Felix Gallardo’s fall from power and his eventual arrest. Fans are asking whether there’s season 3 of this series or not. Here’s what we know about year 3 of this series so much:

Can There Be Season 3 Of Narcos: Mexico
Netflix hasn’t given any official statement about the renewal of this series for a third year. This because Netflix generally waits a couple of months before announcing the future of its series. When Netflix has issued some new details regarding the series, we’ll be delighted to upgrade that for you.

If the series were to return for season 3, then it’s likely that fans might not understand the series for a short time. By taking a look at the launch date of the prior seasons, we anticipate season 3 of this series to launch in 2021.

The next season of this Narcos: Mexico ended with Felix Gallardo’s downturn because the drug kingpin has been detained.

However, since audiences that are knowledgeable regarding the show’s history will be conscious, Gallardo began the 1990s proceedings to restrain his cartel from prison.

This was depicted in the last moments since DEA Walt Breslin visits Felix Gallardo in prison.

Throughout the discussion, Gallardo says the place of electricity will relocate from Guadalajara into Juarez.

As fans will probably be aware, this is really where Fuentes controls so he can prepare the narrative to trace into the following season of this series.

The coming season of this show might also explore El Chapo, which has played a little part in the series thus far.


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