Mulan: Disney Is Reportedly Working On A Sequel Of The Live Action Movie


Disney is reportedly creating a Mulan sequel, though the very first film has yet to hit theatres.
Based on Daniel Richman
A sequel is in the first phases of development, together with manufacturers Chris Bender, Jason Reid, and Jake Wenner’s place to reunite. No author, manager, or cast member is formally connected to the undertaking.

House of Mouse introduced a direct movie sequel for their animated classic in 2004, and then Mulan and General Li Shang rescued the emperor’s three brothers throughout the nation to satisfy their fiancé. On the other hand, the live-action Mulan sequel won’t use this narrative, instead choosing an original script that has not yet been written.

But if the sequel goes via, this may rely on Mulan’s nationwide and global box office reception. Disney anticipated large amounts, particularly in China, until the film was postponed as a result of coronavirus. The movie is going to be published currently on July 24. However, it is dependent upon the way the virus spreads in the forthcoming months.

Mulan isn’t merely a live-action film to be regarded as a sequel.
Disney is now weighing choices for an Aladdin sequel and has ordered a spin-off centered on Prince Anders.

The movie hit theatres on July 24.


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