What Is Known About Its Korean Adaptation?-Money Heist


Money Heist’ is an individual of the various popular Spanish crime drama set of Netflix. Reviewers adored the set very much. For the different story and the excellent reviews of the cast parts. Now it is reported that Money Heist is making a Korean story also. This story was given by a South Korean newspaper, Ilgan Sports. So continue learning to make every single feature on it:

About Korean Money Heist 

Ilgan Sports told the news. That BH Entertainment and ZIUM Contents are in discussions with Netflix. For the Korean evolution of Money Heist. The Spanish set is also quite famous in South Korea. So we can assume that there are now many instances for its happening.

Reportedly, it will be the remake novel of Money Heist. And it will involve the same actors and fiction. That we saw in the first series. On Twitter, several fans also began studying. About who will represent the parts. A user plus received a post. By showing the possible stars. They can represent the aspects.

When Will It Release?

The Korean version is not formally established until now. So it’s hard to tell a particular time for it. If Netflix provides consent to the plans. Then it will need a long period to deliver in South Korea. The writing will be made and casting for the iconic roles also appear. That will need lots of time.

The references stated, we have to set for about 2-3 years. For the original set. 

About Netflix’s Money Heist 

Money Heist is designed by Alex Pina. And it reveals the tale of a crew of robbers. They decided to make the heist in the Royal Mint of Spain. The primary term published in 2017. And then Netflix got the virtues of the series. These are the cast parts of the set:

  • Alvaro Morte being El Profesor
  • Itziar Ituño being Raquel
  • Miguel Herran being Rio 
  • Rodrigo de la Serna being Palermo
  • Darko Peric being Helsinki 
  • Hovik Keuchkerian being Bogotá 
  • Jaime Lorente being Denver 
  • Esther Acebo being Mónica 
  • Najwa Nimri being Alice Sierra 
  • Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo.

The fourth term of the Spanish set just released this year. And presently everyone is expecting for the fifth term. For which Netflix began not to provide the green light.

More information Regarding Korean Money Heist

BH Entertainment and ZIUM Contents are reportedly in conversation with Netflix. For the series’ Korean agreement.

Netflix offense drama set Money Heist may be holding a Korean change quickly.

The famous Spanish TV show, first named La Casa de Papel. It has been broadcasting since 2017. With four terms running on Netflix and a fifth season to be published in April 2021.

The novel rotates about a man. He is recognized as The Professor. He selects eight characters. To support him create a crime at the Royal Mint of Spain.

It has grown one of the various highly-watched shows. On Netflix in many nations including South Korea. So it’s no wonder that discussions of a Korean remake are staying informed.

According to an independent opinion from Ilgan Sports. BH Entertainment and its creative agency ZIUM Contents are offering a remade story of Money Heist.


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