Michigan Father accuses his daughter of death and Disappearance after 31 years

Michigan Father Is Charged 31 Years Later For The Disappearance And Death Of His Daughter

A Michigan man arrested for the passing of Navy pilot’s better half. In Virginia in 1980 has now been involved in the vanishing. And the demise of his adopted girl nine years after the fact.

A Michigan man filled with the release of Navy pilot’s wife in Virginia in 1980. He has now been filled with the departure and loss of his adopted daughter nine years later. MLive published.

Dennis Bowman, 71, was arrested to Virginia in February. To face credits in the death of Kathleen Doyle. She was shot in her home in Norfolk on September 11, 1980. At an opening court vision, Bowman said he intended to appeal guilty.

On Friday, the prosecutor in Allegan County, Michigan, where Bowman lived. Stated that he had been filled with murder, child insult, and mutilation of a body in the death of Aundria Bowman. She was listed as a runaway in 1989 when she was 14.


Dennis Bowman, 71, was transported to Virginia in February to trade with tickets. In the passing of Kathleen Doyle, 25, who was killed in her home in Norfolk on September 11, 1980. At an underlying court show, Bowman said he expected to yield.

On Friday, the doctor in Allegan County, Michigan, where Bowman lived. He declared that he had been involved in the death. Also youngster abuse, and mutilation of a body in the passing of Aundria Bowman. The end was considered a fugitive in 1989 when she was 14.

Be that as it may, in February, authorities discovered skeletally. It stays covered in a simple grave under concrete Monterey Township. the Associated Press reported. Those spare parts were later identified as Aundria Bowman.

Investigator Myrene Koch told

I furthermore need to ensure Aundria’s loved ones that also though this has been long. Also difficult life, this is the first point in studying for justice for her. Investigator Myrene Koch stated in a written articulation.

Agents became an open-minded attitude toward the Aundria Bowman case. After Dennis Bowman was arrested last November for the murder of Doyle. Police didn’t reveal what made them to the internment site. However, news connections said the surviving parts were found beached. It held by Dennis Bowman, as shown by business records, the AP reported.

The defendants’ wife said-

The Associated Press furthermore explained that Aundria’s dedication. To the world, the mother stated she didn’t gain knowledge with her girl had disappeared till 2010. When police contacted her for DNA. She said that she helped investigators to review Bowman.

The Associated Press also announced that Aundria’s birth mother stated she didn’t learn her daughter had disappeared until 2010. When police reached her for DNA. She said that she urged detectives to take a close look at Bowman.


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