Matt Reeves Drafting Plans For A New Joker In The Batman

Matt Reeves Drafting Plans For A New Joker In The Batman

Robert Pattinson’s sort of improved after the decision declared. That he will be the following Batman. Matt Reeves will be the guy back the lens. And if everything works right, then they will be a dangerous duo.

But the newest thoughts say that DC is running all protest. To hold the title of greatest superhero filmmakers. It is rumored that Matt Reeves is watching for the iconic role. That got The Dark Knight Trilogy a late end. Yes, he’s watching to add Joker in his Trilogy.


RUMOR: Matt Reeves To Introduce New Joker
RUMOR: Matt Reeves To Introduce New Joker

It is rumored that there will be three parts of Robert Pattinson’s Batman. DC needs to understand the very way as Christian Bale’s Batman. So Trilogy will consist of great villains in the right. With the matches of said Bane, Mr.Freeze, and Deathstroke on the boards.

The news is traveling fast and furious that The Batman. The forthcoming solo vehicle for the Caped Crusader. Of writer-director, Matt Reeves will be the greatest movie in a trilogy. That will notice the yet different story. Of the Joker smiling it up on the large screen. This news arrives at the gift of The Direct, which tells Daniel Richtman. A freelance writer and writer for SuperBroMovies whose name often rises up in connection with the movie. Production rumors like this one. (He’s the one who said, first this year. That Marvel was studying to cast Daniel Radcliffe as Moon Knight.)

About Rumor

For presently, we must advise that this is only a rumor. And should be considered as such until further evidence is presented. That stated, according to the latest report, Matt Reeves. He is recording and reading The Batman, plans to open a new Joker in the trilogy. While Warner Bros. hasn’t formally given the green star to any series, however.


If we’re speaking about Batman’s brutes. Then how can you order out the famous Joker? Joker’s personality has been a landmark. Since the character’s debut. So now there are lots that mighty figure will expect. To be included in Matt Reeve’s Trilogy for sure. But the problem is easy in which role he will produce chaos in Gotham City.

Joker Character Contender

Soon the single evaluation, if the case will reportedly arrive in the Trilogy. Then who will be in the presence of the camera playing clown? Several faces would like to perform a role in the set. But now, the various rumored character. The actor is Johnny Depp. Yes, the much own Jack Sparrow of Pirates Of the Caribbean. He needs to represent the case. As he believes that this is a unique role. That he needs to work and dropping from his new choices.

Johhny Dep Perfect Choice For Joker

So Finally, he needs to play Joker. And authors could hold him. For the position as he is currently having struggles. With ex-wife Amber Heard. The action could be a large obstacle for him. To hold the office as the ruling is not definitive yet. However, it is stated that Amber is representing the victim label. And reportedly she is the person who is the wrong party.

Johhny could improve his career and get behind to his size. And the name, which he was recognized for. So we fully hope that Depp will be in the presence of the cameras. And playing the antagonist.


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