Matrix 4: Which Are Those 5 Early Spoiler You Need To Know

Matrix 4

The good news for the Matrix fans arrives here… The movie Matrix is returning with its fourth part! This news is the glass ceiling breaking news for all the Matrix fans. The time gap of getting the biggest twists and turns in the story is now somewhat long. And because it’s a long time now the fans are demanding the fourth part of the Matrix as soon as possible. The movie Matrix is restored for the fourth part after the huge machine war. And also intolerable victims in the form of Neo and Trinity. Two decades have gone since then. But finally, we will be able to see Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss returning and sharing the big screen together. The viewers are acclaiming some things about the future of the franchise. But the creators of the Movie Matrix smartly left some clues behind.

The movie Matrix’s mother is Oracle and the father of the Matrix Movie is The Architect. They will leave the chances of coming back in the future. Still, they have given hints about few chances left and not gone from hand completely. As there is always a chance to establish peace. This news is the news that was not noticed by the fans earlier. The end was horrific though! The Trinity was giving way and surrendering with the wounds of the crashing of Hoverboard. Also, on the other hand, Neo sacrifices his life for the greater good. Although the character of Neo was not over at the end.


  • In the fourth part of the movie Matrix, it is expected to have more than one ‘The One’. This thing is going to be in the center of the fourth part of the movie Matrix. Something new! Also, nothing much is revealed regarding this but the chances are at the most.
  • In the fourth upcoming part, the Neo’s role can change. Till now he was in the role of protector but now he will be seen in the role of the destructor. This sounds so much exciting right?
  • This time the fourth part may seem like the avant-garde of the original movie. Neo will be in the film Matrix but the role will be completely opposite than the previous one. It is quite shocking too. And if this changes into reality then it isn’t going to be less than a feat for the Matrix fans.
  • Till now in the fan’s head, it is fitted that the Morpheus is the only villain in the movie. The fans are guessing whether this time in the fourth part, the movie will have a new villain or not? The biggest question! Nothing is revealed officially by the team till now but if it will happen so then this twist will increase the movie multiple times.
  • When Trinity passed away, Neo didn’t try to bring her back to life. Since then this was hitting hard for the fans. The upcoming fourth part of the Matrix will probably use the same method to bring Trinity back to life.


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