The Masked Singer On FOX Season 3 Cast Revealed

The Masked Singer On FOX Season 3 Cast Revealed

Introduction to The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer attire for season 3 may be the most suitable one yet. But who are the hopeful participants? Who will get to work week after week in these fancy getups? Here, we share the top signs and forecasts for each of the cast parts included in the winter 2020 term. Also involved are the stars who have gone back while season 3 so far. In other words, be ready for lots of spoilers.

Here is the list of performers in The Masked Singers

The Kitty: Jackie Evancho

Kitty attached to pirates, binoculars, opera glasses, and witches.

The feline’s sign sets discussed patching a “pillow for someone special” and got articles to loving Christmas.

Kitty was excited to “wipe the slate clean with the most virgin snow.”

The Astronaut: Hunter Hayes

Astronaut’s clue units added a red coffee mug, Hawaiian lei, small wood bridge, support foot, and red toolbox.

Astronaut and expert Nicole Scherzinger once audited a “huge birthday” function mutually.

Astronaut got a “nose dive” in the presence of thousands of characters at one time in his career.

The Banana: Bret Michaels

Banana is practiced to acting on a platform, according to a promo clip. A dangerous pufferfish and blue-collar arrived in his prime clue package. Banana is seeing to “cover [his] stains and rock out as [his] real self.”

The Kangaroo: Jordyn Woods

The Kangaroo has a bag (which is only located in female marsupials).

The creation is wearing many chains around its neck.

The Kangaroo desires to “jump back” after going to dig into the limelight for all the wrong purposes “by her statement.”

The White Tiger: Rob Gronkowski

White Tiger owns eight big blue gems on its dress. The White Tiger was teased as a clam-shucking winner with 51 clams. The White Tiger starred the opening of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Home in his clue package.

The T-Rex: Jojo Siwa

T-Rex said, alike the dinosaur, she was found by another. The singer insisted she was shipped to a place named T-Rex Island. Where she was one of several participants “pirouetting the estate.” T-Rex declared a cataclysmic story changed its world endlessly.

The Swan: Bella Thorne

Swan’s clue package revealed her acting dance moves. Swan said, she has played games. She has lived in glory. She has seen guilt. And she declares, on this platform where she came, that nobody won’t know her name. A safety guard in Swan’s clue package had zombie tusks.

The Bear: Sarah Palin

The Bear wore furry shoes and loves the shades pink, blue, and purple. She had masters and kings in her clue package. The bear looked to be a follower of hockey.

The Taco: Tom Bergeron

The Taco required to “guac our world.” He shared a pile of VHS lines, ship’s staff, and small trolly in one of his clue packages. He required to be a refreshing part of our memorials for decades.

The Mouse: Dionne Warwick

Mouse showcased a show named “Bang Bang Formation.” She liked having a “walk-on character to act”. And never received anything less than gold. Her clue package held two Fighters football players wearing the digits “19” and “79.”

Elephant: Tony Hawk

The elephant had a bond with birds. He said that he canvassed park seats when he was more childish. The safety guards starred in Elephant’s clue set did lots of skateboard-like flips.

Miss Monster: Chaka Khan

Miss Monster wore big pink lips, a large head, and long sparkly nails.

She had an obsession with hairspray and the number 10. Her clue package highlighted a queen chess piece.

The Robot: Lil Wayne

The robot had a bond to hand culture and Texas, according to a term 3 promo video. PT was asked out during Robot’s clue package. It had been noted as “inhuman” in history. Its clue package starred a toy skateboard dropping into a toy fire truck.

The Llama: Drew Carey

In a promo clip for the show, Llama was seen with a “Sounds of Seattle” CD. 23.3 The Wool was asked out in the video, as well. The Llama carried a camera around its collar.

The Night Angel: Top Predictions: Kandi Burruss, Taraji P. Henson, Jeffree Star

Night Angel has been making this as she lived a teen. Though she blew out on her elder dance. Night Angel caused sure to earn her degree and attend her convocation. A clue package for Night Angel added a stove, jug of fresh tea, a white fan, and a graffiti painting with a fort and a strawberry.

The Frog: Top Predictions: Bow Wow, Chris “Mac Daddy” Smith

The Frog tells he’s ribbiting to view.

The Rhino: Top Predictions: Jack Black, Nick Jonas

The Rhino is consuming vintage pilot tackle. A promo inquires how “fly” the Rhino’s costume is.

The Turtle: Top Predictions: Jesse McCartney, Billie Joe Armstrong, Adam Lambert

The Turtle is moving jet-black hair and a buckskin jacket. In a promo video, the Turtle wore a built purple t-shirt with a “C” on it. And a crew photo on the wall. The Turtle has a bond to burgers or cooking out. The Turtle seems like everyone nearby he upheld “tooth and nail for the goal.” The Turtle washed a surfboard in his clue package video.


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