Marvel reportedly considers Thanos for standalone movie

Marvel reportedly considers Thanos for standalone movie

Thanos was one of the major reasons why Avenger: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame worked so well. Its plotline and set of characters make it more interesting. And Avengers: Endgame is undoubtedly one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe’s masterpieces.

If Marvel Studios are seriously thinking of bringing back the Infinity Stones and Thanos then there must a good reason behind the thought, or we can say they are not getting any more innovative ideas.

Still, we hope that they will keep Thanos dead and won’t bring him back, because if they bring him back it will cheapen Endgame and Tony Shark’s sacrifice.

Why a standalone movie on Thanos?

If see watch the earlier premiers of Avengers Thanos picture was not clear, the picture got cleared and he got his broach through his appearance in Infinity War and Endgame.

After watching the two movies Infinity War and Endgame everyone has dwelt up a question; why he wants to wipe out half of the living existence? As no know knows about the past life of Thanos and what are his real intentions.

So having a standalone movie of Thanos is not a bad idea rather, it will mostly clear all the doubts about Thanos all MCU fans have.

How having a standalone movie on Thanos is possible?

It is being reported from the sources that Josh Brolin is also known as Thanos still have a contract with Marvel Cinematic Universe. So the reports are clearly indicating that there are more chances of having a standalone movie on THANOS.

If this happens it will be considered as an intelligent move by the Marvel to show the fans what they have missed out. Because even Russo Brother confessed that there had been a ten-minute trim in the movie. The trimmed part showed briefly about Thanos. Like Thanos’s past life, his real motive for wiping out the half of the universe and even set behind bars for these intentions.

But now the center of attention is that will there be a standalone movie on Thanos.

To know more stay updated and keep reading. As soon as we’ll get any information will update you. Till then stay healthy and maintain social distancing.


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