Marvel is irresponsible for the Now day, Who is behind it?

Marvel is Responsible for the Delay.

As we all know, fans all around the world are getting eager for the third installment of Deadpool, and are eagerly waiting to watch their favorite Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool under the banner of Marvel. But it seems that the fans have to wait for a little more time to see Deadpool and Avengers together again. It’s because Ryan Reynolds is busy in his other projects, and as Marvel has recently taken over the sony, so the decision of the movie is pending.

During a recent episode with talking shop, Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, held Marvel for the delay in the third installment of the movie and said that Deadpool 3 doesn’t fit into the company’s plan.

In an interview, Liefeld said, “I blame Marvel, they are the reason it isn’t happening. Whatever the problem is or it didn’t fit into your master plan, just assign it. Okay.”
And said, “Ryan isn’t making Deadpool 3 right now because Marvel hasn’t allowed it to be yet, and that’s all I’m saying.”

Liefeld said that Marvel has many other due projects, and they are packed for the next three years. He also has an idea for a movie with the Hulk and Deadpool together. Liefeld concluded, “How old am I gonna be when that happens? And literally I used to be like, yeah, Mark Ruffalo, Hulk and Deadpool would make for a funny movie right? But, none of these guys are getting younger, right, okay?”

Though a hint was given by Raynolds of the development of the third iteration as he posted a picture in front of the Marvel Studios logo on the Disney lot in Burbank on social media.
And according to the sources, the earliest possible date Marvel Studios currently has available is 7 October 2022. The timeline may change due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


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