Zayn Malik: Marriage after Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy?

Zayn Malik: Marriage after Gigi Hadid's pregnancy?

In the past month, it was reported that model Gigi Hadid is pregnant. With the baby of the singer Zayn Malik. Now it seems like they will attach the knots soon with each other. It will be a pleasant moment.

Gigi Hadid Is Pregnant

Sources reported briefly that Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik are awaiting a child. The couple needs to keep everything mystery. But it cant proceed. Their fans are very much well for them. Now, Hadid also approved the pregnancy on Instagram lately. 

Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Wedding

It is newly admitted that the couple will reportedly tie the bonds soon. There was also news that Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid intimately mesh with each other. And now they will get coupled to each other. After her pregnancy, their wedding will surely happen. The couple is now giving time with each other during the coronavirus lockdown.

Right now, there is no evidence from the couple about their wedding. 

Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Relationship Timeline

The cute two first time met in 2015 during Victoria Secret’s Party. and quickly they began dating each other. After that, in 2016, both were found together in many events. In 2018, the couple was broke up from each other. and after that Zayn said as an interview that they are still buddies and in contact.

Back in the past year, their relationship rumors started again. But after that, it was verified that they again begin seeing each other. This year is enormous for them as now Gigi Hadid is pregnant. And now they will reportedly wed to each other.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are awaiting their first child together. And fans are satisfied they might now be secretly engaged. Although the fancied up couple hasn’t published an engagement. A reference states HollywoodLife Only. That it’s only a subject of time before they tie the knot. At least if Zayn makes his way.

“Zayn is decided to marry Gigi,” the source tells. “They haven’t made any statements about engagement. But it’s only a subject of time. He is very excited to get her his wife. It won’t offend any of their associates. if they personally get married ere the baby is born. They can ever do a big wedding later.”

Zayn and Gigi have been seeing on and off since 2015. And then earlier this month news revealed that Gigi was pregnant with Zayn’s child. And that she was now 20 weeks along! The soon to be origins are enjoying a spread. And unexpected, babymoon while they wait out the global COVID-19 pandemic. At Gigi’s family farm in Pennsylvania. Sadly Zayn’s family is thousands of miles away in the U.K… But our root says they have an open invitation to visit as soon as travel limitations lift.


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