Man Hanged Himself To Death On Christmas After Wife Didn’t Let Him See His Children


A guy who took his own life by clinging to death following his ex-wife didn’t let to satisfy his kids during Christmas. His dad and his stepmother discovered the dead guy. Lately, an inquest was completed in Barrow-in-Furness, where the dead guy’s girlfriend Stephanie Clayton fell a number of the striking info regarding the event.

According to the girlfriend, the guy was fighting mental problems recently, and the difficulties obtained more webbed later he had been prevented from fulfilling his kids on Christmas day. Jamie’s psychological issues were continuously used as an excuse to deny him of performing his children with his ex-wife Joanne Thornton. She told the inquest which Joanne Thornton began diminishing time for Jamie to fulfill his children after she knew in their connection. Such fewer meetings together with his three children made him destroyed from inside.

The inquest also heard from Jamie’s brother, who also insisted on the ex-wife after he struggled with Jamie about fulfilling his children. Jamie was bothering mental health difficulties, but he consistently demonstrated appropriate behavior with his children. The worried parents of Jamie went to watch him in his flat in Biggar Garth, later he argued with his wife.

After reaching there, they discovered him dead. They reported that the paramedics to help him and Jim, Jamie’s dad himself, tried to revive him. His efforts to resuscitate him were unworthy, although the paramedics couldn’t assist, and he had been declared dead.


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