Louisiana Couple Arrested after Students allegedly fed

Dennis and Cynthia Perkins Louisiana lawsuit: Ex-teacher sued for serving cupcakes to students with sheriff deputy’s husband’s body fluids.

When Cynthia and Dennis Perkins were in the court for divorce proceedings last year in Louisiana. Everyone found some terrific allegations about the pair, though the pair faces dozens of criminal charges.

This is the fourth time since November 2019, a secular accusation reported against the pair.

Dennis is a 44 years old former Louisiana sheriff’s deputy, and his wife Cynthia Perkins is 35 years old high school teacher.

Livingston Parish pair accused of feeding baked goods containing the men’s semen to students of the Westside Junior High School.

The former sheriff’s deputy and his teacher wife are already facing charges for the allegations for which they got arrest in October.

They are facing charges including, child porn, rape, attempted rape, sexual battery, obscenity, and video voyeurism.

The former sheriff’s deputy is also charged with sexually abusing an animal.

The lawsuit also claims Cynthia, a former teacher from Louisiana, showed X-rated images to a female student. And claimed to have taken photos and videos of the female student.

Victims suffering from an illness who ate those cupcakes tainted with body fluids

People suffered mental illness after consuming those cupcakes.

One complaint said that the father who consumed the contaminated cupcakes is now suffering from depression since the incident and is now unable to work properly.

While another lawsuit claims that the student and the parent who consumed the cupcakes have been oppressing by mental health. They are also suffering from behavioral issues and insomnia since the event.

There were four complaints claim against the pair out of which two were for Cynthia for showing a minor girl inappropriate images and for photographing and video graphing that girl.

And the other two complaints were for the pair, by the cupcakes victim.

It’s reported that all the lawsuits have been filed individually.

And Livingston Parish School board also being charge, for the negligence they have shown in this case which costs with the health of the school students.

Pictured, Dennis, and Cynthia Perkins Louisiana Couple.

What should be the punishment for these heinous crimes?

In a report, Police said, Dennis threw his phone off the flyover in the struggle to suppress the proofs.

The district attorney reported that if the couple found guilty for all the charges claimed against the husband and wife they will definitely face sentencing for 6000 years probably.

What were the reactions of Dennis’s boss upon his arrest?

According to the reports when Dennis got arrested, his boss Sheriff Jason Ard said, it was a sad day.

He further continued, all the law enforcement officers were extremely upset with the incident. And said it is very difficult when you arrest one of your own officers.

He added no one can ever forgive these alleged acts, it is very disappointing, I always considered Dennis my friend and as a family member.

Cynthia had taught English language arts at Westside Junior High School since 2016.

Prior to that, she worked at North Live Oak Elementary and Live Oak Middle School for four years.

Cynthia and Dennis will be remain jailed for the next date. As on Friday, no trial date been set for them.

For more updates keep reading, stay safe, stay healthy.


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