Lori Harvey: Stepdaughter Of Steve Harvey Arrested! But Why?


Lori Harvey Arrested?

Nearly three months later, Lori Harvey was seized for an effort at manslaughter in Beverly Hills; she’s been accused of two offenses. The 23-year-old was hit by a single tally of opposing, deferring, and impeding a stability office as an individual score of an effort at manslaughter bringing about the land injury. She’s set to be summoned January 21.

This Is Actually What Happened

By the Beverly Hills Police Department, the VIP was seized for an effort at manslaughter and postponing a police exam. She’s a wrongdoing mention instead of being booked. The catch came after Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter was correlated with a lone automobile accident. The pros confirmed she did not remain the scene; nonetheless, she had been seized.

Analysis Status

At the stage, once the police showed up, the driver of the car had abandoned the location of their effect. The motorist worked to become Lori Harvey, was reached by authorities in the area, Beverly Hills authorities said in a statement. Due to the way that Harvey abandoned the region of the effect without giving her information reaching the authorities as lawfully necessary and triggered a postponement from the authority’s evaluation, she had been known for offense effort in manslaughter and hindering/deferring a cop.


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