This Leaker Claims CoD Zombies’ TranZit Map Is Returning in CoD 2020

Leaker Claims CoD Zombies' TranZit

BLACK OPS || generally received positive reviews from critics. The 2019’s Modern Warfare has already passed half of its life cycle. And now, the attention of the CoD community is turning to 2020 installment of Activism’s very well known FPS title. It is one of the high range games though its Graphics is superb. A number of specifics about the game are still unclear. It will be the Cold War – era game whose developer is Treyarch. Now, as we all know that as Treyarch is developing the game, there is nothing to get surprised about if the Zombies mode returns! There’s nothing new in this.

From one of the news, the news information from the Veteran CoD leaker is that THEGAMINGREVOLUTION suggests a fan-favorite map is to be set in the upcoming game. The very popular map was known for its volcanic setting and dimension warping bus. One of the points made by TGR is that although it will include a mixture of new maps, it will include perks. It also includes a pack-a-punch system that is more similar to the systems we saw in older CoDs. They attempted to revolutionize the park system of the game, in a change that received mixed feedback. Back in February, Jason Blundell, one of the mode’s original innovators, confirmed his departure from Treyarch.

Likewise, the man well known for his work on endless Warfare Zombies, Lee Ross, has confirmed that he had ended working for Activision on May 9. Although all these claims are not confirmed yet, it will remain unconfirmed until the Treyarch or Activision makes any official announcements regarding these claims. The TGR has correctly leaked CoD information in the past, though, like Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode and Warzone battle royale.

Haven’t you watched the Youtube video of the Leaker, which was posted on May 10 yet? NOT YET? Then what are you waiting for? The Leaker has defined everything a fan can expect in CoD 2020’s zombie’s mode. It also includes a remake of TranZit from Black Ops 2. As per TGR, there are game files available at the moment. This indicates that TranZit has been restoring. He suggests Activision is simply waiting for the correct time to release them. TGR believes we’ll see a TranZit remake in CoD 2020. To composite these files, TGR states that his sources have “alluded” to a TranZit return in CoD 2020. And their communication with him is strongly suggestive of its return.

Many of us thought that “Is Call of Duties Zombies Finished?’ So guys here is your answer! Zombies in Treyarch games aren’t going anywhere. It’s becoming their thing. A cornerstone of their CoD Titles now…There will be more zombies in COD games, but this story we’ve been experiencing for the past 11 years in ending tomorrow.

Now let’s have a look at some basic information about everyone’s favorite Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This game was released firstly in the year 2012. It was released for Microsoft, Windows, Play Station 3, and the Xbox 360 on November 12, 2012. It is published by Activision.


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