Lamborghini Montreal Sued By Father And Son Claiming Their White Huracan Turned Yellow

A Lamborghini dealership in Montreal, Canada, was slapped with a suit with a father and son. The plaintiffs assert that their white Huracan Spyder began turning yellowish shortly after they purchased it two and a half years back.

Everything began in July of 2017 when Calogero Caruso (the dad ) re-mortgaged his house to buy his son that the supercar, saying that it had been”his fantasy to possess such a luxury vehicle.” Still, rather than living the fantasy,” it’s been an entire nightmare,” they claim in the lawsuit.

Soon after forcing the Huracan Spyder off the whole lot, it allegedly began turning yellow, so that they went back into the merchant, where main John Scotti told them that a white car might seem somewhat yellowish under normal light. Hence, they drove home and put it at the garage; however, it supposedly continued turning yellowish. Looking to repair the matter, the merchant offered to repaint it; however, the plaintiffs refused, saying that it would lessen the residual price.

Tired of looking at precisely what they assert for a yellowing supercar, both men returned to the dealership in August of 2018 and proceeded to cover the mortgage, registration and insurance expenses, since the trader refused to repay them with the buy price. Now, they are trying to receive their money back — CA$366,662.21 (equivalent to US$276,505 at current exchange rates), along with also an excess CA$50,000 (US$37,705) in damages” for anxiety and hassle and loss of workdays.”