Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi practicing patience in chocolates challenge.

Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi practicing patience in chocolates challenge.

Kylie Jenner has been doing the most utmost of lockdown. She’s giving time with her daughter Stormi at their expensive Californian estate. Also, she is sharing snaps of Stormi. Jenner is passing the time just like other parents by re-watching Trolls and Frozen with her little daughter.

The most advanced Stormi update. However, it is arguably one of the cutest we’ve seen as per a short video clip posted on Instagram. Kylie teaches Stormi the importance of being patient.

Putting a bowl of chocolate feasts on the table, Kylie says to her that she can only have three chocolates. She will give Stormi three of them. And adding: she has to wait ’til Mommy comes back as she has to go to the bathroom.

Shooting the toddler the whole time, Kylie hides off in the other room as she wants to see whether Stormi will follow her instructions or not. Stormi looks to be engaged by something on the television before she spots the bowl in front of her.

But, while there is a time, it seems as though she may cave. She manages to cease from eating any of the chocolates when Kylie came outside of the room, sounding to herself: Ooh, chocolates! Patience, patience.

After posting the cute clip on social media, it has racked up over 3million likes. That video viewed almost 10million times. Kylie’s big sister Kim Kardashian commented on the post. While family friend Chrissy Teigen wrote: “Ok oh my god this is SO SWEET I gotta try with miles. I know Luna won’t but miles, it’s over.”


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