Kanye West Presidency Will Be driven By Black Panther!

Kanye West Presidency

Rapper Kanye West announced that. He is continuing to run for president. And in new conferences, the very rich character refers to Marvel’s, Black Panther. And the anecdotal African nation of Wakanda.

This earlier July 4th marked rapper Kanye West state that. He is continuing to run for leader. Although in new accounts, the billionaire suggests Marvel’s, Black Panther. And the fictional African country of Wakanda.

Among West’s advice also bears notice that. He is no great helping President Trump. And it will go from a different party. The Birthday Party (sincerely).

With West’s information additionally includes notice. That he is made backing President Trump. And That will run from a different company.


Black Panther Motivates Kanye West For Current President

About Black Panther and Wakanda. Forbes tells Kanye West creates a White House authoritative basis dependent. On the secret nation of Wakanda in Black Panther.

What did Kanye West Hat say about The Presidential?

West Told that he has a secret bad way presidential up-and-comer. He’s as of immediately picked.

I’m working to use the structure of Wakanda properly soon. Since it’s the most useful definition of what our system group is going. To think like in the White House. That is a real thought: you saw Kanye West. One of the numerous remarkable people. I’m not telling the most because you made a big deal. With foreigner level superpowers. And it’s just on the sound that we can release it.

Black Vote Will Really Encourage To Donald Trump” West Stated!

It was suggested that Kanye West working for the director may really support Donald Trump. As West could redirect Black votes. From the Democratic elected one. However West connected that thought to bigotry. I’m not dismissing it, I just make you understand. To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a kind of racism. And racial abuse.

He revealed he has nevermore cast a ballot in his career. West said he was washed out with coronavirus in February. Concerning coronavirus immunization. Although Kanye West declares he’s suspicious of a coronavirus immunizer. Identifying antibodies: the nature of the monster. West furthermore accepts: Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside urban areas. By racial oppressors to perform the Devil’s work.

Kanye West competing for president

“Like anything I’ve always prepared in my life,” West replied. “I’m producing to win.” Kanye West also announced that he is asking direction. From billionaire and author of Tesla, Elon Musk. West announced that he has an invisible vice-presidential candidate. He’s now chosen.

It makes up that West working for president might actually support Donald Trump. As West could siphon off Black elections. However, from the Democratic nominee, but West compared that image to racism. “I’m not dismissing it, I just knew you. To assume that the Black vote is Democratic is a kind of bigotry and white power.”

He admitted he has nevermore voted in his life.

West announced he was sick with coronavirus in February.

About a coronavirus vaccine, Kanye West announces. He’s questioning of a coronavirus vaccine. Terming vaccines: “the mark of the creature.”


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