Kabul Attack Gurdwara Attack News On 25 March

Kabul Attack Gurdwara Attack News On 25 March


Brutal, Brutal, Brutal! Brutality without LIMITS….! Now we Humans need to have a Torch in our hands to find Humanity. Because nowadays it’s tough to find Humanity. Why the mothers and newborn babies? What was there fault? They didn’t take a moment to thought once also! 12 Mothers, along with two young babies, were brutally killed in one of the maternity hospitals of Kabul. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. In this attack, several nurses were killed. And that too on International Nurses Day. Several Gunmen Stride angrily in the hospital on Tuesday morning and killed many innocents. And meanwhile hand, in Nangarhar, during a funeral of a police commander, a bombing took place, which killed at least 26 people.


The Bastards entered the hospital DASHT-E-BACHI at around 10:00 am on Tuesday. According to the locals living around the hospital told them they heard two blasts and then gunfire. When the assault was happening in the hospital, one of the doctors ran away safely. He had given his statement to BBC that when this incident took place, about 140 people were inside the hospital.

Some of the staff working in the hospital are foreigners, and the international medical charity MSF handles the maternity ward in the hospital. Another doctor told AFP news agency that “total panic” took hold as the assault began. Ramazan Ali, a vendor, witnessed the beginning of the attack said, “The gunmen were attacking anyone in the hospital without any reason…..This is the Government hospital…many bring there women and children here for treatment”.

One hundred women and children were saved by the Afghan Special Forces, including three foreigners- one of the officials told BBC. The attackers were dressed in the police uniform. It gives peace to here that they were all killed after the battle, which lasts for hours and hours. But yes, they are finally killed by security personnel. Much foreign staff lived in the guest house, which was behind the Dasht-e-Barchi hospital. The doctor who ran safely from the assault witnessed a bomb explosion in the building also.


According to the people who survived the bomb attacked told that there were thousands of people gathered in Nangarhar for the funeral of a local police commander. The weapon was denoted only halfway long. According to the report given by Ataullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor, 68 people were injured due to the bombing. And at least 24 were killed among the provincial council.

Meanwhile, another attack happened in Northern Balkh province in which 10 were killed, and many others are injured. Because the US forces have done an airstrike. On one side, the locals and the Taliban say that the civilians were killed. And on the other hand, the Afghan defense ministry claimed that all the militants were killed.

What did they get after killing innocents? “Killing newborn babies and the women in labor is an act of sheer evil,” said Mr. Pompeo.


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