Johnny Depp As The Batman’s Joker? Kevin Smith Thinks He Is Perfect


Warner Bros. is massive on Joker at the moment. However, a clown that resembles a lock captivate will, at some stage, confront Robert Pattinson at a Batman trilogy, likely in a sequel.

It has been more than a long time since we watched Bat and Mr. J struggle on the screen, so it looks like the timing is best for both of these personalities to revisit, although Warner Bros. no job. Things to do. Much like Matt Reeves’ official statement about his plans to get the Joker from the trilogy, we have heard whispers he has an actor for the role who’s Johnny Depp.

And based on Kevin Smith, he’d be”ideal”…!!
As somebody that has been involved with all the job multiple occasions throughout his career, Depp will be a favorite option. And based on Kevin Smith, he’d be”ideal” because of the prince of crime. A sense that we love with our hearts.

In reality, it would appear that everybody is as handsome as Joker using Depper. And as we have seen with casting alternatives like Colin Farrell such as Penguin and Zoe Kravitz such as Catwoman, Reeves is not scared to have a bit out of their box and threat his trilogy.

It’s not that Depp is always a danger, again, everybody thinks he isn’t a fantastic clown. But given all of the legal problems surrounding it, it may not look like the safest choice. Nonetheless, there’s not any denying that when he’s given the function, we’ll take him from the park, and we’d genuinely like to see him at the Batman sequel.


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