John Wick has already planned 5 or 6 Movies

John Wick has already planned 5 or 6 Movies

The series of John Wick’s grows very fast. The Original was released six years ago from now. It gains a lot of popularity and reputation in the public’s eyes. It made an amazing fast debut. Not much gap between these two, a trailer launch on the internet. Before the public knew about the trailer, the film was already running in the cinemas! It was released back in October. The film earned $76 Million. But the shocking thing is the whole film was ready in just $30 Million only. So from that point of view, the film earned quite good and many hearts too.


There were two seasons of the show. Both the sequels gain popularity and reputation in the eyes of the viewers. Viewers praise both the sequels. Also both the sequels earn quite well. Each sequel of the show earns more than the previous one. Chapter 3 of the Parabellum of John Wick was released in the year 2019. It brought more on the opening weekend than the actual film made during the whole domestic run.


The biggest question is ‘HOW MUCH MORE WILL THEY DO? Though it is an extraordinary charter for Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment. In one of the statements, screenwriter Derek Kolstad discusses the upcoming series in the future. He said, “It was very precious for me and the star Keanu Reeves not to damage their reception to keep going out”.

Further Derek said, “The idea of being if we can Sho Shoehorn is the wrong word. It’s very negative, but if you can watch chapter 4 and say” It’s a long film or you take your time, let it breathe, be his own formation as four and five? “I think he would be extremely happy there. He possesses this role. He did it his way in the best way possible, so it is not about returning a man like Keanu. It is a matter of excitement for all of us to play once again”.


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