Jamie Kettering Begged For Her Life Was Killed At Pool

Jamie Kettering Begged For Her Life Was Killed At Pool

As a youthful man took a gun to her head in the pool enclosure. Of an eastern Orange County apartment complex. 19-year-old Jamie Kettering wanted for her life. Echoing the argument about seven points.

“Don’t do it.” She replied.

But Jose Gabriel Torres Justiniano, the 18-year-old with him she’d been fighting. However, before he drew a semiautomatic handgun, he pulled back the slide on the data. Although Then fired two bullets. The second immediately into her head. According to an affirmation for Torres Justiniano’s stay, in addition.

The testimony, which the Orlando Sentinel asked from Orange County. Clerk of Court in the times after the March 17 shooting. It was made state this week. It detaches what led up to Kettering’s shooting. As well as whereby her alleged criminal was identified.

Torres Justiniano is experiencing a second-degree felony charge. Which brings up to life in jail. Although He’s being held out security at the Orange County Jail. And is currently slated to reach trial in August.

He has declared not guilty.

Orange County agents found Kettering dead in the Advenir. At Polos East group around 12:30 a.m. March 17. After a fellow, she’d met recently on Snapchat asked to tell he had left her. Therewith a group of characters goes to the market. then came back to find her quiet.

Although Kettering’s corpse was sleeping on a lounge chair. With a bullet injury to the left side of her top. in addition, She was wearing a dark-colored fanny bag holding various drugs and baggies. aides said. The friend told detectives that she was included in selling drugs.

What did Deputies observe?

Through observer accounts, agents homed in on Torres Justiniano. with whom colleagues told Kettering had been in a continuing controversy over the phone. she said he owned taken from her.

In an interview, Torres Justiniano proved he knew Jamie. But said he wasn’t started when she was shot. And hadn’t been to the lake that night. He said he’d left the complex after seeing her at the pool and turned about 2 a.m… Going through to his girlfriend’s home.

But there was a problem with that account. Deputy Scott Lowen wrote in the testimony: The system was still checked off by law enforcement vehicles at 2 a.m… so Torres Justiniano shouldn’t have done ready to get in.

“I had come to the picture at about 0207 hrs. And was powerless to get close to the city. Due to all the policemen tape and cars checking everything,” Lowen wrote.

More details about the incident

According to the testimony, monitoring video from the condo complex. And a nearby resident’s house helped agents. Piece collectively what had happened. The slaying wasn’t obvious in the footage. But the audio won the debate between Kettering and her murderer.

Although Kettering involved Torres Justiniano of taking her phone. Marijuana and $300 in stock. He replied by telling her to “watch your character” and “shut the [curse] up.” Presently, she was asking for her life.

A pair of witnesses established what the recordings registered. And added further details: Torres Justiniano, they told. First shot a shot behind Kettering, when held the gun to her head and stopped her.

In an online obituary, the family called Kettering as loved and deeply missed.

“Upon convening Jamie it was crystal. she had an artistic soul full of energy,” the obit stated. “And a giving soul filled with love.

However Jamie was an exaltation roll student. Who loved to run her artistic side. Passing much of her time brushing, drawing. And sculpting breathtaking artwork.”


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