Is Sherlock Holmes in the DC Universe? What a fan should know here

Is Sherlock Holmes in the DC Universe? What a fan should know here

Sherlock Holmes Is Real in DC’s Universe.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a character named ‘Sherlock Holmes’. A detective hired by a secret society to foil a mystic’s plot to expand the British Empire. He does this all with his partner Dr. John Watson.

Even a movie released on the character Sherlock Holmes in 2009. Which premiered on 25 December 2009, in the United States, and on 26 December 2009, in the United Kingdom. The movie got lots of positive responses from the critics.

The first sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, released on December 16, 2011. And is said, the third film is scheduled to release on December 22, 2021.


Robert Downey has played the role of Sherlock Holmes in both the films and now is ready to aspire to his role in the third film also.

Jude Law portrayed the role of Sherlock Holmes’s companion, Dr. John Watson, in both the prequels. And he is only playing the role in the third sequel.

The only difference is the third sequel is under new director Dexter Fletcher, and Chris Brancato is writing scripts.

The first two sequels, produced under the direction of Guy Ritchie.

Sherlock Holmes In DC Universe:

Sherlock Holmes has held the title of the World’s Greatest Detective for a long time – although modern-day readers may subscribe that DC Comics’ Batman deserves that title just as much.

It would be amazing if both the creators, The Dark Knight Detective and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s monarch detectives really get an opportunity to meet at the same point in DC Comis Universe.

Much dynamic idea? It would be astonishing seeing Batman not traveling in the past to meet Sherlock Holmes because he will be with him alive and healthy in the present day.

To know completely how the entirety of this is feasible, you must know the relationship of Sherlock Holmes with the DC Comics Universe.

While Holmes is an anecdotal character in our existence, he is genuine in the sovereign state of DC Comics, and had of remarkable conviction and will that could really supersede Bruce Wayne himself.

This Is How Sherlock Holmes Made His Appearance In DC Universe:

Holmes originally made his position known in the DC Universe in Flash Comics #69. In this comic book, issued in 1946, Sherlock Holmes bestowed up in a back-up highlight starring Hawkman.

Even though Holmes never gave his name, his presence and deductive potentials explained what his identity was.

Sherlock Holmes was seen old when he met Hawkman, yet decades later when he met Batman he gave a mind-blowing daze when they both got together with the World’s Greatest Detective, presently absolutely out-of-date.

The plot of the Story.

The story has a plot were Moriarty’s relative tries to kill the monarch of England. All the detectives of DC Comics including Batman, Robin, the Elongated Man, and even Siegel and Shuster’s private detective Slam Bradley – hired for the situation, besides Doctor Watson’s remarkably incredible granddaughter.

In the end, however, it turned out all the detectives were being subtly supervised by a supplementary legendary detective who admitted himself to finish the villain in the last few folios.

In spite of the point that he never gave his name, Sherlock Holmes proved he was as yet fit as a fiddle in the present-day DC Universe, despite being more than one hundred years of age.

To know more stay tuned with us. We will update you with more information. Till then keep reading, stay healthy, and stay safe.


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