Is Gigi Hadid Pregnant? Breakdown Of Viral Rumors


It seems like our favorite couple has some information to share with us!

Well, Yes, it’s true Gigi and Zayn are anticipating their first hind, Gigi recently celebrated her 25th birthday, and according to sources, she’s 20 months pregnant.

Fans have labeled Gigi and Zayn’s kid, the best-looking infant, and lovers are eager to hear more regarding precisely the same.


Below are a few images from Gigi’s 25th birthday bash!

Gigi was feeling quite nostalgic, and she set a substantial caption to thank each of her family and friends for sending love in this tough time.

Gigi also posted a video of herself, Zayn, and Bella holding the ballons.

The couple hasn’t yet confirmed or denied this rumor. However, we’re happy for the couple, they have not revealed the sex of their kid, but according to resources, either side of their family is remarkably thrilled by the information.

Gigi and Zayn have been through a rough patch during their relationship; both were together for a lengthy time. However, they did take time out but stopped shortly after.

The couple was isolating themselves in the pandemic on a family farm in Pennsylvania, and that is where Gigi celebrated her birthday with her intimate friends and loved ones.


This pregnancy may also bring a proposition along with marriage for the few, and we’re super excited and happy about that.

The couple will keep space from paparazzi today, but we’ll keep you updated with the most recent news about the few!


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