How To Get Good Sleep Using Technology?

Can Technology Help Us To Sleep?

It’s ample to turn off cell phone gadgets and other small screens. At least before an hour going to sleep at night. However, technology can help us too. Yes! technology can help us to relax for a good night’s sleep.

Although, technology has built n-number of the dilemmas. That we have regarding our sleep cycles. So it would be logical to imagine that we can turn back the time to the days’ ere smartphones, computers, laptops. However, if we learn how to use technology sensibly. Technology can additionally be utilized to promote good night sleep. As said by Cary Brown. She is an educator in the Department of Occupational Therapy.

Which Technology Gadgets would Help Us Sleep?

When we talk about light, voice, and temperature. We are heading towards a long way to fix things up for a relaxed night of sleep. Those are low-hanging berries. We should pick them initially. So that the requirement for big invasions such as vaccination and cognitive-behavioral treatment. That can be decreased and probably excreted. Cary Brown advises to check out these tools, available online:

1) Light-blocking glasses:

These are orange-tinted glasses. They are designed in a way that blocks blue colored light. The glasses defeats the melatonin production we want for a good sleep. You have to make sure that you buy an original product. There are cheap copies available. Those have the right color, yet the plastic does not have light-blocking characteristics.

2) White noise machine:

This tiny automatic device can mimic noise. It can be a ticking clock or a snoring roomie. By giving a constant, low-key stillness. That sinks in the background. Taking distracting noises with that. 

3)SAD light:

Recommended for periodically effective dysfunction. Those tiny, transferable healing lights are great for dimly illuminated workplaces. Set up above to the face of a table. Turn on 2 times a day for 10 minutes. They provide sufficient blue colored light. To oust your day time drowns. So people can adhere to their usual sleeping cycle. Should not be used after 4 p.m.

4) Retimer light therapy glasses:

Just as the SAD light, these are smart -tech glasses. When we wear it for roughly 20 minutes. It provides lots of blue spectrum radiation near the eyes. That helps to regulate the sleeping cycle. 

5) Sleep tracker:

This smart-tech, which deviates from a naive wristband to full-bed monitoring arrangements. It will not straightly contribute to a night of healthier sleep. Though it registers heart rate, breath counts, and movement. It can serve to discover if there are uncommon patterns. For example, if you play sport on Tuesday nights. It will be determined across time if sports affect your sleep or not.

6) LED light bulb:

Basically invented for spacewalkers at the International Space Station. aIt is a different variety of LED bulbs. It separates out blue spectrum lights. People can use it as a bed-side lamp.

7) Earplugs:

Earplug is a low-tech solution. After 30 decibels, the body generates neurochemicals to alert and awaken human. Cary Brown advised silicone earplugs to adapt better to the listener.


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