Grand Maa - Houston Widow Brutally Struck To Death By A Career Criminal


After the loss stopped by a Walgreens to get the physician initial medicine, the incident took place. It was Saturday morning when this happened as per Houston’s CBS 3 reports. A man was roaming on the road asking for cash and scaring the public by showing the 6-inch blade. After he moves along towards Walgreens. He was searching for someone to rob. This came out when the police investigated.


The person’s identity was Rosalie Cook. She was deprived and lived alone. She wants a stick to walk, was old. Though she was so energetic according to her family. It was not at all strange for her to drive herself for any work.


The criminal was a 38 years old guy. His name was Randy Roszell Lewis. There is a case filed against him for cutting Cook in the Chest. He did this crime when Roslie Cook left the store. Cook didn’t walk back to her vehicle. According to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo reported, ” The speculate then rifled through Cook’s things and Attempted to take her vehicle.

How Brutal is that person! He cut an 80-year-old person at that point goes down, fires through her stuff, and also tried to took her vehicle. The police officers were near that area, investigation in the supermarket. And because of that officials were able to reach the Walgreens before the criminal runs off. When the suspect was trying to run, police reached there, and also the suspect showed the blade to one of the officials. They found Lewis in the parking area. Lewis undergoes Cook’s assets in the vehicle. He professedly runs off the vehicle before showing the blade to the official. The reacting official took shots at the accused two times, beheading Lewis before he got a chance to hit.

According to the reports, Lewis was a professional criminal who broke the nose of one of the officials when he was taken in the prison two years back. Many times he was captured in any event on charges running off from housebreaking and disrupt to brutal violations like an ambush.


Cook’s Grandchild’s name is Chuck Cook. He views her as a great grandmother. She has six grandchildren and three amazing grandchildren. Chuck Cook prayed that no one in the world has a need to experience such brutality that her great grandmother has experienced. She was 80-year old, the paralyzed person who needs stick while walking. She was a precious woman in the family. Everyone in the family and all others loved the grandmother so much. Dawn, Toss Cook’s better half added that the accused has no reason to live on earth. He did not deserve to be a human being.


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