Hannah Montana: Is A Prequel On The Cards? Will Miley Cyrus Star In It?


Presently, it’s not verified that Miley Cyrus is going to be involved from the new show titled Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana colony collection. Billy Ray Cyrus has supported that Disney+ are in talks to take a prequel set of this series.

Ever since the previous episode of Hannah Montana broadcasted in 2011, enthusiasts have been well known because of its comeback.

Miley Cyrus famously said in 2013, “Hannah Montana is dead” on SNL, but today it feels as the iconic Disney character is coming.

Billy Ray Cyrus teased at a recent interview that a new Hannah Montana prequel series is at the creation.

Billy clarified:‘They’re talking making a prequel, which to me personally, I’d do this in a heartbeat since so I get to receive my mullet back.’

Billy then continued: “I believe there is a comprehensive story that led to Miley getting Hannah Montana.” Entirely only, the series could demonstrate the way Miley Stewart became Hannah Montana.

It appears incredible that Miley will appear on screen in virtually any position, but there is a risk that she could attribute in flash-forwards…or perhaps inform the series?

While Hannah Montana ended, Miley looked eager to distance himself from the series, but lately, she has sung Hannah singles in displays and even revived her hairstyle.

Hannah fans saw this past year a key Hannah Montana accounts was made on Instagram together with the deal: @hannahmontana.

The account currently has no articles and follows Miley Cyrus, but it appears possible that Disney has put up it in anticipation of this forthcoming prequel show.

There are no remarks about who will feature in the throw, and that will present a youthful Hannah Montana from the series.


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