Guardians Of The Galaxy: Sylvestor Stallone Reveals Michael Rooker Is Like A Madman On The Sets


Sylvester Stallone Announces Michael Rooker

The performer Sylvester Stallone has functioned together with his fair share of figures within the span of his 40-year picture profession. The celebrity in question is Guardians of the Galaxy celebrity Michael Rooker that had been worked with Stallone on Cliffhanger. Michael Rooker is known for being a personality, and it seems like that was the scenario when he and Stallone attained collectively.

Sylvester Stallone recently participated in an Instagram Q&A, where opened about different viewpoints of his illustrious career. Throughout the conversation, one enthusiast and supporter asked him about working with Michael Rooker on Cliffhanger and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Sylvester Stallone had nothing but admiration for his former co-star and even clarified some of Rooker’s behind-the-scenes antics on the group of Cliffhanger.

About The Sets

It’s safe to state that not many folks would adhere to a few of the items Michael Rooker failed on the record of Cliffhanger. Although gliding across a pond seems fantastic, Rooker looks like the type of person who’d receive his kicks from trying dangerous stunts for amusement pleasure.

Michael Rooker hasn’t happened known for creating some odd scenarios when working on movie sets. 2, the personality almost ruined among the movie’s crucial moments because he fell asleep while shooting. Fortunately, things worked out to the team.


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