From ISS just have a look on the Magic View Of Space Lighting

From ISS just have a look on the Magic View Of Space Lighting

There is a lightening or flash storm cloud which hits the ground. The evidence of this is seen in the video that has been free above the Earth. However, the experts told this was just a phenomenon of lightning. Just a part of it. The most powerful will occur above the atmosphere of the Earth.

Many of us don’t know that above the Earth, there finds a gamma-ray. Gamma Rays are the rays that produce the most high energy natural phenomena on the Planet. The rays are measure by the experts through different devices and instruments from ISS. These mechanisms are known as Lightening. The ISS instruments are all the parts of ASIM. It is located outside the space stations and also it is Earth’s observation facilities. So many thunderstorms effects shown in the Earth’s atmosphere and climate.

Do you know about TLEs? The full form of TLEs is the Transient Luminous Event. It’s in addition to TGF. The instrument also records the other type of Upper atmospheric lightning is known as Transient Luminous Event. How does the instrument speeds help the researchers? The speed helps the experts to track the sequences of the events. Which types of events? The events which produce TGFs.

They could see this taking place in the atmosphere and clouds bubble like a pot of stew on the stove. This also affects Earth’s radiation balance and results in humidity, dust and other particles into the upper atmosphere.

That’s all for now. We will ping you if we get any other updates regarding this. You stay updated!


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