Friends: Lisa Kudrow Tells Fans What Will Happen in 2020

Friends: Lisa Kudrow Tells Fans What Will Happen in 2020

Lisa Kudrow had still not come out from the role of Phoebe Buffay! Even though being isolated, she is living her routine life as Phoebe Buffay. She is thinking that she is Phoebe Buffay in real life too. This is something unique that we have never seen much in any of the actors. Not many wish to adopt their reel life character into there real life. Because real life is way too different and difficult then reel life.

She adopted the character of Phoebe Buffay and also think that she and Mike Hannigan had kids. And then thinking that how her life would have been if that happens really. She dreams of the reunion every day because she is very much excited for the there upcoming reunion. Also, the fans are eagerly waiting for that. Lisa Kudrow is all set to have lots of fun at the reunion.

Since the series got over in 2004, a reunion is going to be so much fun and one of the best things. Fans are eagerly waiting for the reunion episode and are speculating for its release. How will be the reunion and what will be the nature of reunion like these many questions are biting the fans mind. But Lisa Kudrow had made it clear that there is no script given to them of the reunion episode and it will probably the unplanned reunion and that will be the best part of it. Also, there is no certain nature decided for the reunion. All that we know for now is it will be the best and natural reunion without any prepared scripts and unplanned.

We all know that this series is the most liked series among the youths. Many reasons come and goes but only the special ones affect both mind and heart. But FRIENDS has affected our mind, heart, and soul too. FRIENDS is having the fan following way too good then other series. It has a different following.

The fans are very much excited to see the episode of Reunion. Since the Corona Virus Rife has taken place all over the world, people have literally stuck in there homes and want to move out freely when the lockdown gets over. In these difficult times, the big influencers and celebrities move forward there helping hand and please the people to stay inside there home to be safe.

Many celebs have chosen the medium of the internet to request the people to stay indoors and people also knew the seriousness of the pandemic that is why they also prefer to remain indoors and follow the guidelines given by the World Health Organization to stay safe. Lisa Kudrow also clear that in the reunion, no one will be playing any of the characters of the series FRIENDS. All the actors of FRIENDS will be just simply sitting. And will remember the moments they spent together at the time of the shooting of the series FRIENDS. They will just relive that phase of there lives again without any planned nature of reunion. And without any scripts.



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