Florida Woman Arrested And Charged With Homicide

Florida Woman Arrested And Charged With Homicide

A Florida lady has been arrested for a simple crime. After surgeons responding to a call about a heart flop. Friday evening discovered a 19-year-old body lifeless on the floor.

Lillian Patterson, 19, at first said police. That Xavier Collins had rolled out of the room and fell. Still, on the floor. A criminologist and a clinical inspector’s room examiner. anyway, determined that Collins had a terrible bodily issue to his upper left ribs. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office told.

Florida woman arrested for killing husband

Patterson then said, researchers.

That unit of a few children in the family was taking the blade. And that Collins had hung on it. In one more further explanation. She stated that both she and a child were holding blades. And Collins fell upon one of them.

After she was taken to the sheriff’s building. Patterson said analysts that ere at night. A 2-year-old girl walked moving her operating a steak blade. She said she took the blade from the kid. And was keeping it in her right hand while watching over her phone with her left.

The sheriff’s office stated in an exposition.

Patterson says earlier or later at night. while she was all the while holding the blade. Collins moved into the room and began ‘fighting’ with her. The sheriff’s department stated in a statement. Patterson told analysts she forced Collins off her with her left fist. Introducing the victims fall over the blade she was taking in her correct hand.

The sheriff’s office said

The turned her report on numerous times in thoughts. To where she was carrying the blade. And realized she had a lot of credit to drop the blade earlier. And as, the time the body in question, Collins, was ‘fighting’ with her.

Crime rates in Florida

Florida with a state of 20,612,439 in 2016 had 642,512 offenses published. Including 1,111 homicides, 88,700 furious, 553,812 capital crimes, and 5,528 rapes. In 2008, Florida had 387 state and local law-enforcing authorities. Those companies used a total of 81,312 workers. Of the total staff, 46,105 were sworn officers (defined as those with general arrest powers). In 2008, Florida had 250 police officers per 100,000 residents. Capital punishment is applied in Florida. In 1995, the government changed Chapter 921 to give. Those criminals should attend at least 85% of their sentence

Statewide. Florida saw an extra year of decline in its normal arrest rate still as offenses such as terrorism went up.

In 2019, the suspension rate in Florida dropped by 6.3%. Regarding the 49th following year the country has seen a decline. According to the Florida office of Law Enforcement. The 2019 Uniform Crime Report also shows 26,128 less related assaults opposed with 2018. A 4.6% reduction of complete list crimes.

Brutal crime saw a 1% decline statewide and business crime finished down 5.2%. According to the article.

Florida had 787 suspensions for shooting last year. And 710 in 2018, a 10.8% rise. In 2019, rape stays abandoned to 1,765 of 1,937 in 2018. describing an 8.9% reduction.

These estimates are not typical of the actual criminal charges. Since several crimes pass unreported. Nearly 80% of crimes go unreported. As per a 2016 record from the U.S. Department of Justice. And also when crimes are related to the police. Authorities do not regularly report or review these crimes.


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