Ferrari’s First EV Could Be A Two-Seater, Tesla Roadster Rival


A string of patents suggests that Ferrari is operating on its own initial all-electric manufacturing automobile and that it might be a two-seater similar to the Tesla Roadster.

Illustrations contained in the patent portray a car with two chairs and no less than four electrical motors with one attaching each wheel. These electric motors can function independently to provide exceptional performance.

The patent substance also describes the way the four electric motors can be configured to function along with an internal combustion motor. There is also a chance just one electrical axle could offer extra power to a motor engine.

While the examples in the patent program portray a two-seater that is in no manner confirmation, the first EV out of Ferrari is going to be a two-seater to rival some of their marketplace’s newly-emerging all-electric hypercars. In reality, we would be amazed if an automobile maker like Ferrari was prepared to create an EV with much more energy and functionality than some of its traditional ICE-powered supercars and hypercars, mainly because of its flagship motors still have some life left in them.

In any event, it is obvious Ferrari is receptive to embracing all-electric power. Speaking on the issue late last year, the business chief executive Louis Camilleri told the press that limits with existing battery technology would avoid the automaker from discharging an EV until later 2025 at the earliest.


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