Pennsylvania Father arrested for physically abusing and littering a 3-year-old daughter

Pennsylvania Father arrested for physically abusing and littering daughter

Authorities in Pennsylvania have assaulted a man for violating. The mother of his kids. And giving his 3-year-old small girl how to Lit Up Pot.

How the man got arrested

As per WTHM, Mount Holly policemen got involved after Kids. And Youth Services gave them a denial. Although documented Monday, from a lady saying notably in her family part. It attacked her and that she dreaded for her youngsters’ wellbeing. The rally prompted police to John Yurasits. police said assaulted the victim’s multiple points since January.

Although Yurasits, 33, purportedly estimated that his three children. A newborn child, 2-and 3-year-old. However They performed with a medicated material. And pot that was overlooked about on at any rate 30 episodes. He testified he conceded the 3-year-old cannabis. To manage her mental inequality. Despite the idea that she was never concluded to have the mixing.

He gave the pot to the 3-year-old. Approaching the plan that she would require to ingest the pills and advised her. ‘It’s simple. Absorb into it like a McDonald’s straw. Police made, as shown by WTHM76

Law implementation said

They additionally got ideas describing hand-formed welted. On the little child’s modern lady’s end. The thought cuts passed in March.

However, The news break completely. That Yurasits admitted to operating his little girl since she was, as a course, tremendous. And he lost power.


Although Yurasits was involved in the assault. The basic trick, and exposing the government help of kids. The three kids are in their mom’s attention.


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