Fast & Furious 9
Fast & Furious 9

The Fast And Furious franchise has assembled a large fan following across many years. The 8th film, The Fate of The Furious, following the permit launched in 2017. Fast & Furious 9 the delay would cause a tremendous loss. Including the fans of Fast And Furious were looking ahead to the announcement of the 9th movie in May this year. However, due to the prevailing circumstances, the launch date of F9 is suspended.

Fast And Furious 9: The Delay Would Cause A Huge Damage!

Fast & Furious 9
Fast & Furious 9

Due to the spread of Coronavirus. The producers of Fast And Furious 9 decided to push the launching date of the movie to next year. Although this potential will fetch the creators of the film an immense loss. With the cinemas shut and the creators on convening the film. The forthcoming edition of Fast And Furious is contracting losses. The creators of the movie do not have a guarantee upon the coronavirus.

Fast And Furious 9: When Will The Movie Arrive In Theaters?

Fast And Furious 9 was to launch in the multiplexes on May 22 this year. As the pandemic began to spread in nations like China. The producers chose to drive the release date of the film by a year. In March this year, Universal Pictures decided to release F9 on April 2, 2021.

F9 has shifted back its superficial release date by a year! Fast & Furious privilege, decided due to the influence. Cinemas remain shut in Italy, South Korea, and China. The places where the virus has hit continuously spreading. There’s also a mounting discernment that some multiplexes will close in the U.S. Since the COVID-19 continues to spread. Fast & Furious 9 will inaugurate globally in April 2021.

Vin Diesel stated on a social media platform: “We welcome all the love and the joy. That fans hold for the following chapter in our adventure.” He further wrote that this is the reason. Why it’s expressly difficult to let fans know that F9 has to move the launch date of the movie. It is now obvious that it won’t be adequate for all of the F9 fans around the globe to see the movie this May.

Fast And Furious 9: What Will Be The Storyline?

F9 is a sequence to the 2017 film, The Fate Of The Furious. The movie will maintain the happenings that took place in the last movie. Dominic’s junior brother Jakob is after the life of Dominic Toretto and his group. Jakob is a butcher and serves Dominic’s old foe Cipher.

Who will Cast In F9?

F9 will mark the arrival of Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto. Chris Bridges will be playing Tej Parker. John Cena will be playing Jakob Toretto. Michelle Rodriguez will be playing Letty Ortiz. Nathalie Emmanuel will be playing Ramsey. And at last Charlize Theron will act as Cipher.

About Fast And Furious 10!

The producers of Fast And Furious 9, are plotting on executing a series to the 9th movie. The 10th movie will signify the last film under the franchise.


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