Fact Check: Old pictures of Kanika Kapoor with Prince Charles go viral after coronavirus hits royal family


As soon as the news of Prince of Wales Charles’s contact with Cornavirus came to the headlines, netizens began to sarcasm at Kanika Kapoor for infecting her.

The Bollywood singer tested positive for Kovid-19 after returning from the United Kingdom on March 9 and now, social media users are sharing her photos with Prince Charles to establish the claim.

Facebook user “Damayanthi Bhattacharya” posted a collage of two pictures of Kanika with Prince Charles with the caption, “Kanika Kapoor spreading love and care around the world. Covid19 was diagnosed here with HRH Prince Charles” .

Here Kanika can be seen wearing an orange dress. The archived version of the post can be viewed here.

Similarly, some Twitter users have claimed the same, sharing another photo of the singer in a shimmering silver dress with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

India Today Anti-Fake News War Room (AFWA) found that the photos being shared are actually from 2015 and 2018.

It is unclear whether she met the prince during her recent visit to Britain.

Kanika is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Lucknow. When we called, no one answered his call. So far, we have not received any reply to the message that we sent to him. We will update the story when we get a response.
Facebook post

Several news reports (https://bit.ly/2wBTeee) point to photos from the Internet as of 2015.

According to these reports, Kanika was to perform at the Fundraiser Elephant Family Charity function organized by royalty. It was at this event that Kanika met Prince Charles and exchanged a few words.

The reverse search tool helped us find some 2018 news. Kanika tweeted the photo herself while performing at Buckingham Palace in the presence of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. He was invited to the palace for a grand festival organized by the royal family on the 10th anniversary of the British Asian Trust.

Singer and Rajkumar both hospitalized

Kanika was hospitalized last week and found that she also attended some high-profile parties.

After hospitalization, many political leaders, who had joined the parties, were also sent into isolation.

Rajkumar was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night and is said to be stable.


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