Evil grandmother brutally tortured and killing 12-year-old grandson

Evil grandmother brutally tortured and killing 12-year-old grandson

How Can Someone be so Brutal to her own Blood? You also not believe it, right? But this actually happened recently! In this tough time of Corona Virus rife, the whole world is fighting together, but some illiterate fellows are still busy in creating crime and that too with no limits! A Devil Grandmother has killed his own Grandson. No No! Not just simply killed… She first brutally tortured that 12-year-old Kid, Then she beat him and then slaughtered! This is not any story; this literally happened! Why? What was his fault? Should he commit any crime at just the age of 12? And If YES, then who is she to give him this brutal punishment!


Montana Investigators are looking for capital punishment for the devil grandmother who has tortured, beaten, and slaughtered her own Grandson, who was just 12. The little Kid’s name was James Hurley. The Kid’s body was found on February 3, 2020. It was found in the family’s West Yellowstone Home. This innocent was killed by his Grandmother named
Patricia Batts.


Deputy Gallatin County Attorney Bjorn Boyer has evidently recorded court papers on Friday and revealed that he plans to give a capital punishment if Batts is accused of the charges.

Remarkably, others like Batts’ and 14-year-old children have pleaded themselves NOT GUILTY. Specialists have proof in the form of video in which Gage Roush, the 18-year-old family companion was clearly seen mishandling with James Hurley, but yet Gage Roush has given the statement that he has not done any kind of bad behavior with Hurley to the Police and thus he also pleaded not guilty.

The Investigators have also charged Madison Sasser, the 18-year-old girl of Batts, for doing a careless crime. It feels very annoying when we found youngsters also committing this type of brutal crime even though they are literate.


Batts’ confessed that she had beaten Hurley. She told that that was her own manner she used for her own youngsters also. Every relative of theirs lived in similar homes. Further, she told that she forced Hurley to sit naked under the fans; she splashed water on Hurley after that. Further, the innocent Kid was forced to perform hopping Jacks by Batts, thus called divider sits. The Grandmother added that she had advice her children to reject Hurley when she was not around there anywhere. Though she didn’t have any idea about the sort of discipline to be passed out, she told her child that beating Hurley with a blade was not OK.


But when did she advise this to her child, you know? Let me tell you that the devil grandmother has advised this to her child after it occurs. Her child had already beaten innocent Hurley with an Oar. What a Mom and a Grandmother she was! Batts’ better half husband has also given his statement to police. In his statement, he told that he knew the disciplines were unnecessarily, and further, he told that he was thinking of separating from Batts. He declared that he needed to brought up the kids without her.


Batts is being held in the Gallatin County Detention Centre on $750,000 bail.


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