Elon Musk With Amber Heard

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and was reported. To live in a three-way connection. With Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne. However, the 48-year star has lately refused to admit it. And reported them to be just charges and nothing besides. We arrived to discover what the trouble is. 

Actress Amber Heard on Tuesday refused to have a relationship. With billionaire businessperson Elon Musk. As she confirmed ex-husband Johnny Depp’s high-profile London lying behavior.

Depp, 57, had sued the 34-year-old actress of having liaisons with the Tesla and SpaceX founder and the Hollywood actor James Franco during their stormy two-year union.

But providing proof she denied the claims. In particular, removing traces Musk visited her daily. At night from March 2015, not continued later the couple married.

Elon Musk Refuses Relationship Reports

Elon musk, Amber Heard

It was later said and confirmed back in 2016. That Elon Musk and Cara Delevingne were in a strange three-way connection. But the records also stated. That ere his wedding got broken. Elon Musk had a relationship with Amber Heard also.

 But Musk had rejected this three-way relationship tales. And asked them just charges and nothing more additional than that. He further states that he is just friends with Cara. And she will also say the same.

Cara Jocelyn DeIevingne is an English heroine, singer, and model. It was further stated in late 2016. The A-list triangle had hooked up at Dell’s penthouse. When Amber Heard and Johnny Depp went separated. This was declared by Depp and Amber’s past neighbor Josh Drew.

 Though Musk states it was nothing similar that, he and Cara were never gone near. And these are only thinkings. However, Musk had asked a fee of 50 million dollars. On the suit recorded by Johnny on his ex-wife Amber. It looks like Musk is seeking to cover something.

Well, we can tell that Truth can never be covered for long. A half-truth is now out. As Josh said about the three to have contributed a night collectively at Depp Penthouse. And it has further been thought that the two Musk and Elon are common.

But Musk does not allow it and requires it to be just a lie. Seems like a big mystery.

What occurred while proofing displayed in court?

The court was shown safety camera footage of Heard and Franco. Following a dispute with Depp in May 2016. But Heard told the claim Amber Heard was owning a connection affair was “totally wrong”.

“We were talking. He was speaking to me. ‘Oh my god, what happened to you?’” she said the court.

Heard refused she had fabricated damages to show. That Depp had been severe to her. Laws questioned why others in the house did not mark wounds in the days after.

The star has claimed that Depp, 57, drove a phone at her. Like he was a baseball player that night. Slapping her on the right cheek and eye.

Heard, 34, rejected the accusation she was getting things up. And stated she uses make-up when moving home. That could have covered any injury. “Of course I had harmed,” she stated.


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