Edmonton 7 years old girl stabbed to death

Edmonton 7 years old girl stabbed to death

A 7 years old young girl was stab by her mother’s distraught friend in her own bed with scissors. After her mother asked her to draw a picture of the man to cheer him up.

Melissa Desrosiers has just tucked her daughters into the bed on the Tuesday night when the mother’s disturbed friend burst into the room with a pair of scissors. Bella Rose Desrosiers, 7, of Edmonton, Canada was a stab to death, says her mother Melissa.

Police charged her friend, the tattoo artist David Micheal Moss, 34, with second-degree murder for the alleged stabbing and murder. Desrosiers had invited Moss to stay at her home in Edmonton as he was shaving some personal issues. And suddenly stabbed Bella Rose to death.

It’s still unclear what provoked the attack. Melissa says Bella Rose was “Very Resilient and Very Strong Girl” especially after the death of her father.

Melissa says her husband Ben Desrosiers committed suicide a year ago on July 16, 2019. The couple had been married for nine years. The heartbroken mother spoke publicly about losing her daughter Bella Rose,’Bella was just like her father a Huge Kind Hearted human who enjoys life truly, and can do anything reach anywhere to make others feel better.’ ‘Her soul was beautiful, true, and unique.’

The tragic girl is known in her neighborhood for setting up a Lemonade Shake stand outside their house for raising funds. She used to raise money for the Stollery Children’s Hospital. She will always be remembered as the Lemonade Shake Stand Girl said her mother Mellissa.

The mother says she was tucking her kids Bella and another daughter Lily,4, into bed then was planning to take Moss to the hospital. As soon as she said good night to them, Moss burst into their room. Mellissa last saw Moss sitting on her couch.

Police say they were informed about the incident at around 8:45 p.m. and were called to the house near 25 Avenue and 43 Street. Moss was immediately taken into custody when the cops arrived, police said. Sources say Moss is married and has four children.

It was reported that Bella was stabbed in front of her mother and her little sister Lily, though her mother tried to intervene and attempted CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene.

Moss has no prior criminal convictions. He is scheduled to be in court to face charges filed against him by Bella’s mother. The mom says her second daughter is very scared and is  ‘Absolutely Sad’ over losing her best friend her sister Bella.


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