Due to COVID-19 KCON Will Reportedly Return As An Online Concert in June

Due to COVID-19 KCON Will Reportedly Return As An Online Concert in June

Introduction to the concert

Sports Chosun gave a statement. KCON concert will be exercising sites online to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Although there is no confirmation about the date. Also the place, and method of the telecast, CJ ENM is reportedly acting with various production agencies. To highlight many musicians and to host the event in June.

On May 13, KCON USA also uploaded a secret post hinting that KCON 2020 will be receiving place.

Following the story, evidence from CJ ENM assigned with Newsen, “We are reviewing the possibility of an online KCON.” CJ ENM will officially declare the events once they are approved.

KCON is a yearly gathering and music festival that holds shows featuring shows by famous K-pop singers. The event organizes Korean drama, fashion, beauty, food, and other cultural looks abroad. KCON began in 2012 and has collected a total of 1.1 million attendees since later.

KCON 2020 Japan kickstarting the performance published dates and places for KCON 2020. Moreover, CJ ENM prepared to host KCON 2020 Russia including the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. On May 23 to admire the 30th anniversary of building Korea-Russia diplomatic relations.

KCON, entertained by CJ ENM, is The world’s biggest K-culture conference & festival. Presenting Korea’s different lifestyle content, including K-pop concerts, plays, fashion, glamour, food, and games. To people abroad. As its start in 2012, its total audience has topped 1.1 million.

Unluckily, KCON 2020 Japan delayed concert

The online show is expected to ease the desire and failure of K-pop fans in almost the world. As the modern global spread of COVID-19 has made all show possible. Although the exact date, location, and concept of the concert have still to be built public. The firms that got an offer are also currently thinking of joining KCON.

Unluckily, after publishing the full lineup, they delayed KCON 2020 Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And KCON USA freshly declared their judgment to cancel KCON 2020 NY. KCON 2020 Russia was also suspended to July with an alternative strategy of receiving the concert in September. In case matters surrounding COVID-19 proceeded to insist.


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