Duane Chapman Is In Mood Of Remarriage With His Girlfriend


Duane “Dog” Chapman lost his cherished wife, Beth Chapman, to throat cancer this past year.

The fact show star fought to get over the tragic loss of his spouse, but it appears that Doug has discovered his love again and is quite satisfied. The 67-year-old recently affirmed he would devote the remainder of his life along with his brand new 51-year-old girlfriend, Frankie Frank, but wouldn’t wed her.

The connection was expressed on Twitter following Dog’s daughter Lisa Chapman stated she had been pleased with her dad’s new love. The puppy has insider info; Bounty Hunter recently told Hollywood Life the association between them is moving smoothly, and every family member is in their side to honor the connection.

The source cited that it’s a superb deal for Chapman to reunite his family to his adult relationship with Frankie. Francie Frank and Duane Chapman take their connection very seriously and do not wish to overlook each other’s support.

Dog’s most important goal, up to now, is to remain healthier and remain with Francie for longer decades, but there aren’t any plans to remarry. He promised his deceased wife he wouldn’t remarry. But, it’s evident to Doug that he is prepared to be using Francie eternally. Additionally, the couple does not have any ambitious plans for the time being and continue to enjoy the very best moments together.

Doug recently shared a photograph of himself with Francie, holding fresh lovebirds in his palms as they walk a bit far with his loved one’s bulldog.


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