Divas Hit The Road TV Series Know about it

Divas Hit The Road TV Series Know about it

Hit the Road…Have you watched it? That’s Great! Let’s dive into Hitting the road…Hit the Road! So basically, Hit the Road is an American TV series that was released in 2017. It’s a comedy type of series. The series is created by Jason Alexander, Peter Tilden, and Dean Craig. The HIT THE ROAD has only 1 season till now having 10 episodes. The original network of the TV series is the AUDIENCE. It is originated from the United States in the English language. Each episode was of 28-30 minutes of the series HIT THE ROAD. The series was originally released on October 17-December 19, 2017.


Meanwhile, everyone waited for the second season of the series HIT THE ROAD. But on 31st December 2017, Alexander twitted for the confirmation that the series will not return with the second season. So it would be safe to say that there will be on season 2 of HIT THE ROAD TV series.


  • Jason Alexander as Ken Swallow
  • Amy Pietz as Meg Swallow
  • Natalie Sharp as Ria Swallow
  • Nick Marini as Alex Swallow
  • Tim Johnson Jr. as Jermaine Swallow
  • Maddie Dixon-Poirier as Jermaine Swallow
  • Maddie Dixon-Poirier as Casey Swallow
  • Maddie Philips as Girl Alex
  • Christian Sloan as Bailor
  • Jerry Wasserman as Gary Vestimonte
  • Siobhan Williams as Carissa
  • Elfina Luk as Dr. Helen Nguyen
  • Samantha Ferris as Linda
  • Ian Collins as Luke


  1. ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’- writer- Dean Craig
  2. ‘Just the two of us’-writer- Brendan Casey
  3. ‘Jammin’-writer- Maxwell Vivian
  4. ‘School Spirit’-writer-Bobby Bowman
  5. ‘Gone Daddy Gone’-writer- Jason Alexander, Peter Tilden, and Maxwell Vivian
  6. ‘Tears on my Pillow’-writer- Jason Alexander, Peter Tilden, and Dean Craig
  7. ‘It’s My Party’-writer-Warren Lieberstein
  8. ‘Rehab’-writer- Bobby Bowman and Maxwell Vivian
  9. ‘Kush’-writer- Brendan Cassey and Jesse Vincent
  10. ‘Miracles Happen Every Day’-writer- Dean Craig


A family band who is living on the bus tries to be a great American Family. The series is filmed in the locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada. The TV series HIT THE ROUND focuses mainly on the characters: Ken Swallow and Meg Swallow and their kids Ria Swallow, Alex Swallow, Casey Swallow, and Jermaine Swallow. As this family is in need of a major break, they fancy themselves as rock stars. Although the family called themselves a Band.

Ken Swallow thinks that he has got a unique talent. The plan Ken Swallow uses to fulfills his goals are the only thing bigger than his goals itself. Meg Swallow, in her childhood, was a wild child but now she is a devotee wife and mother. She stands beside Ken in every decision and in every situation. She is trying to crack another chapter of her life. Ria is a teenage daughter of Ken and Meg. She is a singer and lyricist. However, she has a cruel tone.

Now…Now what? I’m not gonna reveal all the twists and turns of the series HIT THE ROAD. For that, you have to go and watch it if you have not watched it yet. This is the right time.


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