Latest News Dennis Atkins: Too many inconvenient Truth for Morrison

Latest News Dennis Atkins: Too many inconvenient Truth for Morrison

Since back in February, normal return back this week with combined parliament sitting for three days when the Corona Virus Rife was not there so much. And one of the old regulars of Australian politics was on display. – Scott Morrison’s version of reality.

He is a natural and often ready truth killer. And that is an amazing characteristic of our Prime Minister’s political using manner. He’ll refuse its truth or alive without winking. When he can be asked to remark on something that everyone knows to be true.

Morrison was questioned about killer budget cuts forced on the sector while he was Treasurer, he declared $537 million more for AGED CARE Packages. This was in reply to a strong short term Royal commission report. He refuses completely, there were any such cuts even though his own Budget Papers said otherwise. Four months back Morrison refuses the public living in and on the outskirts of Cobargo. On the New South Wales south coast deny catching with him.

Few of the politicians lie with the facility and indifference of Morrison. Most of the politicians lie when the public lays hold of them in a tight mark.

In spite of proof from the National Audit office that on March 26, 2019. Morrison’s office “had advised the sports minister’s office that it was expected that the minister would write to the prime minister to seek ‘authority‘ on the approved projects”, the Prime Minister said he had nothing to do with agreeing with the spending of money. The Prime Minister’s participation was only to make a declaration.

The Labor’s Deputy leader questioned, “Why did the Prime Minister tell the house on Wednesday about his sports rorts scheme and that’s the only power sought from the Prime Minister’s office and from me was in relation to declarations. When the Audit office found the Prime Minister’s office told Senator McKenzie’s office. It was awaiting that the minister would write to the Prime Minister to take power on the allowed projects. And inform the Prime Minister of the spread-out plan?”

Morrison stood up, bend towards the dispatch box, and said, “I said it because it was true”.

Shalailah Medhora questioned,” If there was a case to analyze youth unemployment policies because of the existing $752 million JobsPath plan. Declare by Morrison in his last budget as Treasurer two years ago. Had done nothing to alter a jobless rate for young people stuck between 12 and 14 percent over the past eight years”.

To this Morrison replied, “The premise of the facts of your questions is simply not right”.



Scott Morrison is the 30th Prime Minister of Australia. He is from the ‘Liberal’ Political Party. As Treasurer, he also worked in Cabinet from 2013 to 2018, before getting elect as a Prime Minister of Australia. His wife’s name is Jenny Warren and he has two children. His nickname is ScoMo. Morrison was born and brought up in Sydney. He studied Economic Geography at the University of New South Wales.


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