Death Stranding 2: Norman Reedus Reflects On Possibilities


Norman Reedus is hinting that he may return for the Death Stranding sequel.

The first Death Stranding was a divisive match, together with individual players criticizing its slow tempo, its unknown background, and its demanding controls.

Formerly PlayStation 4 exclusive, Death Stranding will launch for the PC in June 2020.

Initially, PlayStation 4 exclusive, Death Stranding, will start for the PC in June 2020.
The PC edition of Death Stranding will be given several bonuses, such as a photo style, which may show up in the PS4 version of the match in the upgrade. On the other hand, the forthcoming Half-Life- Alyx a Valve bond with, linking the string’ legendary helmet along with different Half-Life-themed makeup with Death Stranding, is predicted to stay PC-exclusive.

In a brand new video for Wired, Death Stranding celebrity Norman Reedus dismissed speculation about a potential sequel with some unpleasant remarks. Talking about working with Death Stranding manager Hideo Kojima, the celebrity mentions the two are “in discussions to do something.”

Later in the interview

When asked what he is working on today, Reid raises the probability of future collaborations with Kojima, now especially mentioning he and Kojima are talking about working on the lesser “series material”. Death”.

Reedus’ comments are far from confirming that Death Stranding 2 works.

Reedus’ remarks are far from verifying that Death Stranding two functions.
To begin with, the discussions he and Kojima talk can’t occur, and even when they do, Kojima has stated he would like to make films, and Reedus is organic for this undertaking. Nonetheless, this isn’t the first time that the Death Stranding sequel is said, as Kojima previously mentioned he would love to work together with the Reeds again and again that he’d like to perform yet another Death Stranding, however, noticed that the match wouldn’t begin without the chances. But, Kojima is also conscious he wishes to go back to terror games following Death Stranding, therefore if a sequel happens, he might need to wait for a little.

Reedus’ derogatory remarks from the interview might not be too much for him. Still, it is apparent that both he and Kojima will be delighted to return to working collectively, be it at the Death Stranding sequel or anything different ultimately. They are considering that the success of the most recent job, bringing back the team is your surest way to keep the winning streak in which Kojima Productions began using their first match.


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