Outlander’s David Berry has declared that when a collection of a spin-off about his personality is commissioned, he’ll resume his job as fan-favorite Lord John Grey.

In a meeting before the five launches of Outlander year, Berry said he’d”take this chance” if that occurs.

Spin-Off Series From Lord John Grey
Fans speculated quickly there might be a possible spin-off show by Lord John Grey since Outlander’s writer Diana Gabaldon gave the personality her spin-off books.

Berry’s Function in the Spin-Off Collection
When asked if he had been prepared to re-take his role at a spin-off,” Berry said he’d read Gabaldon’s work on Lord John Grey: “I feel the character is excellent, we love it all because something is exciting about that he is. I believe Diana has composed a fantastic content, and that I read Lord John books for my edification and history characters.”

“And therefore I really could envision playing with him I’m playing with him today, and if the bits were there, and when they were quite able to find that, I’d take that chance,” he added.

He continued, “I believe he is one of these fantastic characters in films, novels, etc., you know, he has a little punch, and he’s some seriousness, and I feel that the main reason behind the individual’s success on this series is because Diana has spent him much of it and that I believe I would be a thankful recipient of her job and what she’s done [I’d play].”

Audiences won’t need to wait till they watch Lord John Grey second, because, in the very first installment of Outlander Season 5, Berry is expected to resume his job as the famed English aristocracy as well as a soldier.


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