Dark Desire Season 2

A TV series of a deadly combo is ‘Dark Desire’. It is a Mexican telenovela. That was streamed on Netflix. It is filled with suspense with negligence and promising cast. The audience just could not get enough of this interesting tale. And who can stand with only a single season? Which is full of a thriller! 

Everybody who loves the web-series named Dark Desire. They are quite conscious of the news. That the new series on the streaming colossus Netflix. That was inspired by the Spanish culture. The series is recognized as Oscuro Deseo. It is a mixed story of treachery and fascination. 

As per the information gathered so far. Fans are really excited about knowing what the next series will be about. However, data comes out. That the Nextflix has not declared a possible renewal date state of Dark Desire’s coming season.

Season 2 Release Date:

The first season of ‘Dark Desire’ aired on July 15, 2020. On Netflix’s platform. It has around 18 to 30 minutes of episodes. The end of the inaugural episode moderately much sums up the main narrative. Although it leaves a pandora box of further mysteries. Which used for further plot curves.

If the response is good enough. Netflix will definitely consider a renewal. Netflix is a soft spot for international shows. It will surely give a renewal. If that results, fans can expect ‘Dark Desire’ season 2 to start. Probably sometime in near 2021.

Dark Desire Season 2: Plotline

The series is written by Leticia López Margalli. Directed by Pedro P. Ybarra and Kenya Márquez. ‘Dark Desire’ introduces us to Alma. An educator who trains in a law school. Alma is married to a judge named Leonardo. He hides numerous secrets from her. They have a child named Zoe. Alma is not happy. Because of the loss of spark in her marriage. She goes to her best friend for the weekend. To get her self help with her pain. That was coming from an ugly divorce.

The problem supposed to be short. Gets transformation into a scarry night. When Alma introduced to 23-year-old Dario Guerra. She comes back to her apartment. With a purpose to forget the event. 

Although, when he arrived in her class. It begins with a set of dangerous stories. Ending in a murder. Detective Esteban is keen on searching the killer. He had doubts about Dario’s intentions. 

The first season ends on a critical note. Now, who is the suspect is a mystery. Starts up a string of more interconnected storylines. Something we assume to explore in the next series.

Dark Desire Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

It assumed that most of the leading actors will be back. In the upcoming season of Dark Desire. Alma Solares performed by Maite Perroni. Darío Guerra performed by Alejandro Spitzer. Leonardo Solares performed by Jorge Poza. Zoe performed by Regina Pavón. Esteban performed by Regina Pavón.


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