Dallas: police Charged 16-Year-Old For Murder Leslie Baker

Dallas: police Charged 16-Year-Old For Murder Leslie Baker

Dallas police told a 16-year-old will meet the cost of money death. For the hunting end of Leslie Baker, 59. He was seen in her approach this week.

16-year-old charged by police for murder
16-year-old charged by police for murder

The juvenile was 1 of three prisoners held Wednesday nighttime. Although On the 1100 section of Deerwood Drive in South Oak Cliff. However a high-speed pursuit. The prisoners were located in a shelter, police stated.

Police announced two handguns. One of which was the death weapon were found in the house.

What did the police report?

The defendants were under inspection for the claimed carjacking. However a house owner in Richardson. The nighttime after Baker was fatally killed, in addition. In presence of her house on Royalton Drive. that police told was tried carjacking.

Although police told the youthful defendant was next drawn. To the Richardson event and added one in Dallas.

The 16-year-old filled with the death of a Dallas public connections manager. In her approach was lately given punishment. For a series of brutal crimes. Experts tell CBS 11 News, in addition.

However, the unnamed juvenile was held Thursday. For the tried carjacking and shot of Leslie Baker, 59. In the head of her home first the week, in addition.

Although police told the defendant and pair others. They were caught after a chase. That ended with them doing got a shelter. On with the death threat. The 16-year-old was filled with money murder.

According to police, the defendants and other juveniles were under examination. For the claimed carjacking of a house owner in Richardson. The midnight after Baker was shot.

Because juvenile illegal works aren’t simply gone public. There were no more features published on the suspect’s past sins.

However, experts say CBS 11 News. That the 16-year-old had done several severe violations. Ere this new crime and was just given punishment.

Crime analysts also think Baker’s release was a casual act.

Statement of neighbors

“This crime appears all across the city. It does it results in Oak Cliff, East Dallas. West Dallas, in addition. And presently it’s occurring in North Dallas. So these people look to prey on characters. they are simple victims”. Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata replied.

However, the prisoner is supposed to be held. The crime had more posted photos on common media. Just times back with a handgun.

As for the different juveniles who were brought into care. With the 16-year-old, police should not still tell what assaults. If any will be taken upon them.

Baker was the manager of selling at Texas Health Center. For diagnostics and medicine. She was well-known in the area. A dear friend, bystander, wife, and mom of two.

“It’s rather weak to believe. That juvenile has just no shame. That they would just dump a gun. Into a 59-year-old young lady lying in her car”. Candace Evans, a nearby homeowner, told.

However, police told safety cameras from nearby houses were important. Knowing a car inspected in the region. Although Baker’s release. Experts said CBS 11 News the defendants targeted accidental victims, in addition. And their intense corruption celebration involves murder.

The defendant was placed in custody. At the Wade Juvenile right station in Dallas.


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