Corona-virus split from face-tattooed dad pram during arrest in lock-down protest

Coronavirus split from face-tattooed

A father decided to take a dual stroller to oppose the government’s coronavirus confinements. Police arrested dad, who is protesting and split away from his kids.

Two newborn kids were departed in a pram, tense photos have displayed it. Dad was protesting and caught during anti-government Protests.

Police deputies took custody of his two young children in a double pram. As the children’s father arrested by police.

As his partner rushed to the children’s care. The man was caught and placed into a paddy wagon. He was later discharged from custody.

However, the Daily Mail published large groups of protesters booed police as the man was taken off. 

When officers enclosed the man, his partner yelled at him not to remain there.

When officers arrested the father of kids, officers then ordered the woman to stay with her kids.

For What They Were Protesting?

Many of the rebels are anti-government, anti-big profession collusion scholars.

The theory of anti-coronavirus collusion includes many different strands, including the idea of the World Health Organisation.

The idea of WHO is that the Chinese government and Bill Gates are in cahoots to impose mandatory vaccines.

New 5G technology can be as a rebel as per the protestors. And maybe it is reducing the population’s immune system.

Rebels held posters calling the coronavirus pandemic a plan for global control.

“The vaccine will kill millions more than COVID-19,” one placard read.

“Bill Gates vaccine model will control cellular communication via CO2 camp,” another said.

Many of the plot scholars believe coronavirus is not real or that it is real. But new 5G technology is making signs more critical.

The collusion law does not account for various countries where coronavirus has affected the communities, including Iran.

Sweden also has no commercial 5G network. And it is only a very small test network of 5G in Stockholm. But the country now has more than 26,000 cases of coronavirus.

How Victoria Police managed the protestors

In the rally, there were ten people, including the demonstrator’s organizers.

While arresting protestors, the officer gets injured and was hospitalized.

Protestors will identify and fined by police. Victoria Police were investigating who the protestors were.

Victoria Police said in a statement it “respects the public’s right to protest,” however, “the health and safety of every Victorian need to be our number one priority at this time.”


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