Connecticut Police Hunt down a College Student who kills 2 men

Connecticut Police Hunt down a College Student who kills 2 men

An understudy has probably killed two-man and also may rob the third man as per the sources. The Connecticut State Police are looking for this accused. The accused name is Diminish Manfredonia who is 23 years old. This guy is risky and carries arms with him says the State Police. The police believe that the accused is carrying guns and other dangerous weapons along with him. As of Sunday evening, the officials were looking for a 2016 model of dark Volkswagen Jetta. The car is having the number plate CT AU78524. There was a guard sticker hanging in the car on the driver’s side of the seat. Says “Sandy Hook Tribute Victim #26”. In the Pennsylvania suburbs, the vehicle was found in New Jersey. However, in the near past, the accused was seen in East Stroudsburg in Pennsylvania as per the Sunday evening investigations reports.


The accused studies at the University of Connecticut where he is a senior. The police have a rough idea about the accused. The height is 6’3” and also the weight is 240 pounds. Though he was probably seen last on Sunday morning. He was wearing a dark t-shirt, dim running pants, and having a pack.

The accused has probably murdered two men. One man’s name was Ted DeMers, 62. That man’s wife’s name was Cynthia DeMers. Said her better half and an old neighbor however saw the accused wander not far off. and had offered to support him. According to the statement of Police, “The other man supported true injuries in the crime and his life may be in danger along these lines”.


The accused also killed one of his fellow workers and left the body at that victim’s house. Though police did not concede the victim who recognizes the accused. Manfredonia robbed a man’s vehicle but also he didn’t harm that man though. Also the accused robbed food and dangerous arms for fire. According to the reports from the Cops, they found the robbed vehicle on Sunday morning at 6:45 a.m. However afterward the Cops handed over the vehicle to the real owner.

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