Colorado Woman, 28, Booked For Failed Attempted Murder

Colorado Woman 28 Booked For Failed Attempted Murder

A Colorado woman has been arrested on an assessment. Of aimed murder. After experts state. However, she started off a doubtful bank with a little kid in her vehicle.

Although a public declaration. From the Chafee County Sheriff’s Department. In no event ere 2 pm on Wednesday. A 911 call appeared in advertising an accident off. Of County Road 321 just north of County Road 162 in Salida.

Reacting leaders saw a vehicle. That had run off the south of the roadway. And came in an intense jettison.

Woman Arrested
Woman Arrested

However, the motorist of the damaged transport was identified. As 28-year-old Phuong Nu Hoang Dong Nguyen.

At the time of the event, she had a five-year-old boy sitting as a traveler in her agency.

Both Nguyen and the child were gathered from the vehicle. And went to Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center. To be handled for lesser injuries.

Details regarding the murder of a kid

A 28-year-old Colorado woman is filled with tried murder. After ostensibly running off. A sheer bank on Wednesday with a 5-year-old kid inside her vehicle.

At around 1:52 p.m., agents from the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office replied. To a 911 call regarding an event including a vehicle. That had turned off the road. And fell on a steep hill in Salida. According to strain relief from the sheriff’s department.

Emergency workers raced to the picture. And saw the agency that had broken down the steep hill.

The operator of the vehicle was known as Phuong Nu Hoang Dong Nguyen. He is of Chaffee County.

The only rider in the vehicle was the 5-year-old kid. He was also delivered from the vehicle.

Both operators and customers were brought to a regional hospital. For the treatment of minor wounds.

Nguyen was then brought into charge by Chaffee County Sheriff staff. And moved to the Chaffee County Detention Facility.

Who was in the vehicle?

At the time of the event, she had a five-year-old kid. Traveling as a customer in her vehicle.

Both Nguyen and the kid were recovered from the car. And moved to Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center. To be used for minor wounds, in addition. 

Although Nguyen was later hired into the division jail. In addition, On a crime lord of first-degree tried murder. It in Colorado requires intentionally involving in the policy. that constitutes a serious risk of dying. While showing extreme insensitivity to the purpose of human life.

Although In a short telephone interview on Thursday. Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezza failed. To describe what started his firm. To carry Nguyen with the crime, in addition. that is condemned by up to 48 years in jail, telling an open-ended study.

Also, Spezza would not state how Nguyen is related to the child in her car. The five-year-old year was delivered into the care of a guardian.  

Charges for the murder of a kid

Nguyen was then locked up for the region prison. On a violation identification of first-degree attempted murder. Although it is in Colorado that includes designed charming long. However, that presents a serious risk of dying. While performing extreme need of attention. To the view of social life.


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