Caron, Former Texas Lt. Governor’s Girlfriend Got Arrested

Caron Former Texas Lt. Governor’s Girlfriend Got Arrested

Caron, The girlfriend of past Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was caught. And credited after allegations. That she hit Dewhurst twice last week. According to police roots.

According to the references, the assaults happened at Dewhurst’s River Oaks place where they both live. The woman involved has been named as 40-year-old Leslie Ann Caron.

Texas officials made the live-in girlfriend of late Texas Lt. Governor. David Dewhurst behind she purportedly took out two harsh attacks. While a residential fight.

Chron statements that Houston officials got Leslie Ann Caron, 40. And filled her with injury to an old person. Next she hit 74-year-old Dewhurst. According to policemen, she beat Dewhurst on May 13. Later a discussion across a call. Caron was supposedly upset with Dewhurst. Later he didn’t get a phone call to a marketing partner.

Attorney Mary McFadden, of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Showed that Caron was filled with a crime. Due to the victim’s term. He had lived under the term of 65. Caron expected would have viewed a misbehavior charge rather.

According to experts, She, and Dewhurst, 74. They got into a discussion on the evening of May 13. While the debate, Caron is cited in beating Dewhurst in the chest. Then moving the house, according to references, in addition.

Although sources told the couple into a debate. That became physical when Caron responded a few days later. Caron beat Dewhurst in the ribs again. Breaking his ribs, sources stated. She is also involved with bitting. And hurting Dewhurst, sources said.

What happened with Caron?

She was captured. Although she is staying included in the Harris County Jail. On a $15,000 bail. She was filled with a crime of the elderly.

According to government records, the State filed Caron not to have a connection. Whatsoever with Dewhurst or to get within 300 feet of 1913 Reverse Street. Although She is also not permitted to carry weapons. Or use drink or drugs.

However, Dewhurst issued the following written report on the event:

“I’m not affected in grinding any charges toward Leslie. She’s a striking woman with several fine qualities. I want her all the most useful in time.”

In the meantime, She rejected the attack. And purportedly declared that Dewhurst was injured. While affecting things from a population center. She besides told an executive that Dewhurst violated her.

She described the official cut on her bow. And redness around her throat. However the official confirmed. That the marks were not expected with being strangled or attacked.

Caron was arrested and led to the Harris County prison.

She was forward these trades discharged on supplied a $10,000 bond. Elected officials advised her. To live in any case 300 feet from Dewhurst consistently. To avoid beginning off to his house. And to withdraw any evidence. She’s additionally been banned from taking liquor or utilizing drugs.


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