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Hello Captain America lovers!

Captain America is one of the most loved superheroes of every time. In the year 1941, the brainchild was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. At that time the world was busy in the war between the Allied Powers and the axis powers. Since then the character has risen and now it has become one of the most loved Superheroes. However, the ‘Captain America’ is like a brand name now among the list of Superheroes. The real name of our favorite Captain America is Steven Grant Rogers. The mother of Captain America aka Steven Grant Rogers is Sarah Rogers. And the father’s name of Captain America aka Steven Grant Rogers is Joseph Rogers. He was born on the most historical data that is on the 4th of July. His bearing is in the year 1920. Also, we are doing a centennial celebration of Captain America this year in 2020.


Our favorite Superhero has completed 100 years this year! If you are a true Captain America fan you should dive into more details below from his childhood till now. Continue Reading.


  • What is the first thing comes into your mind when you think of your favorite superhero Captain America? Shield? But obvious everyone thinks about the superhero’s shield. It will quiet shock you if we say that because of the Shield our Superhero got into a troublesome situation. The Shield heads towards a lawsuit because of the same design of the same shield design utilized by Shield. It was aired exactly one year back. As a result, the design of the Shield was changed and kept circular just to avoid any other legal troubles. Even now the same plan is utilized and now the biggest USP is the Shield itself.
  • Our superhero’s Shield consists of sturdy materials and that is not possible to break. Many times Shield has also faced many unexpected things as things happen with Captain America. In comic books, there are cases where the Shield is broken. It was pulled apart who owns alike power like Captain America.
  • Now hold you’re breath because the thing which we are gonna reveal now will shock you along with the mind-boggling news. Captain America is not the real name! Yes, you heard it right! However, the real name is Super American. This character was formed in the middle of the second world war. The war was going among the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers. So the creators thought to give more motivational along with a patriotic name to the character. So the Captain America name was quite suitable for the idea.


  • The role of Captain America is done by Sam Wilson. This role is given to him as his age matches the character’s age. The reason for his tolerance is his stay in ices for decades. When Steve return he made his own Shield himself and didn’t take back the shield from Sam.
  • We should have Sebastian Stan as the character of our favorite superhero Captain America. He was anticipated to play the role but however in the end Chris Evans played that role. Anyway, Sebastian Stan played the role of Bucky Barnes.


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